4 Ways Self Storage Can Help You Sell Your House

Posted on 2018-07-10 in Blog

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Selling a home is often more stressful than buying one.

The sales process can be brutal, not to mention that there’s a lot riding on the terms of sale and sale itself. With too many highs and lows, and so many moving parts, sellers often end up feeling like they’re on an emotional rollercoaster that just won’t end.

It’s a good thing that there are so many great resources, tips and tricks out there for how to sell your home fast.

Did you know that to help ease some of the stress of selling their home, many people use self-storage to get organized for the sale, during the showings and open houses and even when moving into their new home? It’s true!

Here are 4 ways that self-storage can help you sell your house:

1. Staging Your Home

Staging has become a standard part of selling your home. In fact, many realtors offer free staging to get your listing.

Typically staging has two parts:

  1. Empty the home of personal effects so that a potential buyer can “envision” themselves and their family living in the home.
  2. Bring in neutral colours and clever décor items like large mirrors (to make the space seem brighter and larger), glass tables (to make a living room appear bigger), and large inviting pillows (because, well, no one can resist the comfort of pillows).

So, what do you do with your personal things while your home is being staged to sell? You use self-storage! With our month-to-month contracts you maintain flexibility on when you move your belongings in and out of storage.

2. Keeping your Home Clean & Smelling Fresh

When you’re selling your house, it needs to shimmer, shine and smell clean and fresh. Depending on the time of year you are selling, your daughter’s hockey equipment, your son’s snowboard and skis, your husband’s fishing gear and the family’s kayaks, need a space to be safely stored. That space is NOT inside your home. If your garage has room to store these, great! However, many garages are often the dumping ground for what does not fit in a home. Plus seeing a garage is usually part of a house showing so you want that to look it’s best too.

Renting from a local self-storage facility is an ideal solution, especially since not everyone has time (or the culinary skills) to fill their home with the enticing aroma of freshly baked cookies for every single showing or open house.

3. Buyers Look at the Whole House

There are some rooms in your home that are not used as living spaces or visited often, which means that they can become messy and disorganized fast. These room are most commonly the attic and basement.

When a potential buyer enters your home, they will want to walk through the whole house. Before you list your home, be sure to organize and declutter all rooms! It’s hard, we know, and we all have areas of “stuff” too. It’s part of living a normal and active life. Don’t lose sight of the fact that the buyer isn’t purchasing your “stuff”. They are purchasing the house, to make it their own.

Renting a self-storage unit is a fast and affordable way to get extra space to store your ‘stuff’ so that your house shows its best features.

4. The Outside Matters

When a buyer drives up to your house, they’re assessing its curb appeal, and are already making a judgement. They also do this when they walk around the property and backyard.

  • Does it feel inviting and welcoming?
  • Does it look well-kept and clean?
  • Do I want to come home to this every day?
  • Do I want to sit in this backyard and relax or have family and friends come over?
  • Are there big projects to do, and how expensive will they be?

Cleaning up your front and back yard are just as important as keeping the inside clean and decluttered. This means finding a temporary (but accessible) home for the endless supply of kids toys and play equipment, the old BBQ that works well, but doesn’t look very polished, excess tools and equipment, and any outdoor furniture that you only need when you have people over. That temporary home is self-storage!

If you’re looking to sell your home (and sell it faster), consider using self-storage through the selling process. Here at Storage Solutions in Milton, we can help you find the right sized unit and give you tips. Plus, all our units are drive-up and have 24/7 access, so you have maximum flexibility and shorter distances to move things.

We hope to hear from you, and good luck selling your home!

Your friend in self-storage,

Storage Solutions