Best 7 Tips for How to Rent a Moving Truck

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Selling a home, buying a home and moving can be exciting times. They’re also often highly emotional and stressful times for individuals, families, and businesses with so many things to juggle, coordinate and organize.

The truth is that we often never realize how much stuff we’ve accumulated over time until we need to take stock of it, pack it up and move it to another space. The ‘moving to another space’ is where the need for a moving truck comes in.

Renting a moving truck is not a complicated process, but it should not be rushed into either. Not doing your homework can result in skyrocketed costs, damage to your belongings, a messed-up timeline, and increased stress and frustration – all of which is not good!

To help simplify the moving truck rental process for you, here are ourbest tips moving truck rental tips!

Best 7 Tips for How to Rent a Moving Truck

1. Determining the Size of Moving Truck to Rent

  • The first thing you need to figure out is how much space you’ll need to move your stuff.
  • This will determine the size of truck you’ll need to rent.
  • Many truck rental companies can help you estimate the amount of space you need, so ask them when you first call or use their online tool (if they offer one on their website).

2. When to Book

  • To be safe and lower your already high stress levels, it’s best to reserve a moving truck at least 2-3 weeks in advance of the date you’d like to pick it up for your move.
  • Keep in mind that the moving industry is one that experiences fluctuations in business.
  • Often moving truck rental companies are busier in the summer, at the end of the month and on long weekends.

3. Costs of Renting a Moving Truck

  • There are 3 key things that affect the upfront cost of a moving truck rental that you need to be aware of:
    1. Size - The bigger the truck, the higher the price.
    2. Distance Travelled – Most moving truck rental companies charge a base rate (determined by the size of the truck rented) and a rate per kilometer… so the further the distance you plan to travel, the higher the cost!
    3. Date - During busy rental periods, the base cost may be higher due to demand.

4. Insurance

  • Although no one wants to think about something terrible happening during their move, it’s vital that you consider the insurance provided by the moving truck rental company.
  • Most commonly, you’re responsible for purchasing the daily insurance they provide, which will cover the truck in case of an accident, and sometimes your belongings while they are stored inside the moving truck.
  • Note that when renting a car, many major credit cards will extend insurance coverage, however this is not the case with moving trucks.
  • Some homeowner or vehicle policies will extend to cover a moving truck, but it’s rare, and should be verified by contacting your insurance provider.
  • As always, it’s important to note any exceptions and ask questions before you rent a moving truck so that you know when and what you are covered for.

5. Research the Company & Read Reviews

  • As with hiring any other company these days, do your research!
  • Reading online customer reviews is a great way to get a better idea of which moving truck rental companies have good track records and customer service.
  • Reading reviews can also provide some insight into things like truck selection, cleanliness, prices and availability, which can really help you narrow down who you will call to rent a moving truck.

6. Driving the Moving Truck

  • An important question to ask yourself before booking a moving truck, is what size of truck are you comfortable driving?
  • Renting a big truck will mean less trips (maybe a single trip), but big trucks can be intimidating to drive, especially if you have never driven anything larger than a small car.
  • Is a large moving truck really safe to drive, and worth it, if you’re uncomfortable driving it?

7. Returning the Moving Truck

  • After you’ve finished your move (which we hope went smooth) remove your personal items and garbage from the truck and clean up any messes or spills to avoid cleaning fees upon its return.
  • Make sure that the same level of gas is in the tank as when you drove away to avoid extremely high gas costs charged to you post return. Refer to your rental paperwork which will note the gas level at the time of rental.

We hope that you find these tips for how to rent a moving truck helpful, and good luck with your move!

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