Get Ready for Summer!

Posted on 2015-05-27 in Blog

The trees are (finally) bursting with green, the grass is growing faster than you can cut it, and you’re eyeing your planters and wondering how to get organized for summer. Look no further, Storage Solutions has some great summer storage tips.

  • Store your Winter Toys Away: You probably won’t be in need of your snowmobile, skis, snow blower or anything else winter-related for a while now.A great way to gain some space in your house is to rent a storage unit (with Storage Solutions!) for your seasonal items. However, before you pack them away, consider doing the following:
    1. Power wash to remove any road salt off of your outdoor items;
    2. Remove gas on your motorized equipment;
    3. Do a visual check of your equipment to see if anything needs repair or replacement; and
    4. Store snowsuits and blankets in a plastic, airtight bin.
  • Reclaim your Garage: The summer months bring gardening, entertaining and relaxing in the great outdoors. You may have been content to stuff your garage over the winter with shovels, a snow blower and various tools, but with the warmer weather upon us, it’s important to use your garage to its maximum potential. Of course we recommend renting an 8×20 unit (which is approximately the same size as a single-car garage) from Storage Solutions!Here are some other tips:
    1. Set up shelves: Shelves help you make the most of your vertical space and are a great place to store gardening tools, seeds, outdoor cushions and BBQ utensils.
    2. Store your winter tires: Winter tires are a lifesaver, but let’s face it, even when you stack them, they take up a lot of room. Investing in a small storage unit is a great way to eliminate items that you won’t need for many months.
    3. Store your shovels and snow blower: Make room for that lawnmower! Shovels can be hung so they take up less room, but it’s hard to get back the space that a snow blower takes up.
  • Organize your Outdoor Entertaining Area:
    1. Invest in a Storage Trunk or Reclaim your Garage (See Tip #2):Unfortunately, most outdoor cushions still need to be kept out of the rain and elements or else you’ll spend a good deal of time cleaning them. Also, BBQ utensils and charcoal shouldn’t be left outside. Outdoor trunks are great options, but so are setting up shelves in your garage to maximize your storage space.
    2. Storage Grilling Tools Together
    3. Plan for Simple Clean Up: You don’t want to spend hours cleaning up your outdoor space. Invest in portable bins and baskets to make clean up quick. If you have kids, you can even make this a game!
  • Declutter your DrivewayIf there’s ever a time to be a generous neighbour or donate to your local charity, the spring might be it. Be critical when looking at the things taking up space on your driveway – is there a hockey net you never use? a basketball net your son left when he moved out? stacks of planters that don’t fit your current décor? even old bikes and sports equipment? If you haven’t used it in a while, consider if you plan on using it in the near future. If not, declutter!

We hope you have fun getting ready for the relaxing days of summer. We are always here to help you with your self-storage needs. Please do not hesitate to call us at 905-854-1008 or email us at

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