How to Store Appliances in Self-Storage

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Self-Storage is a great solution for storing household items, especially appliances.

Whether storing for a short or prolonged period of time, it’s important to correctly store these hardworking, expensive items to help ensure they remain in good condition while in storage and don’t damage any other items in your self-storage unit.  

Putting appliances in self-storage is not complicated – it just takes a little care and preparation.

With over 20 years of self-storage experience, we’ve seen our fair share of appliance storage, which is why we’re sharing these helpful tips for preparing, moving and storing your appliances offsite at a self-storage facility.

Tips for Preparing Your Appliances for Self-Storage

  1. Run a Final Cycle
    • For washing machines and dishwashers, run them through a complete cycle while empty and use a cup of bleach or white vinegar in place of detergent.
    • This will help to clean out any remaining particles in the pipes and drains that may cause mold and mildew while in storage.
  1. Clean the Interior
    • It’s important to scrub any residue off the inside of an appliance and dry it completely.
    • This is especially important in dishwashers, refrigerators,  ranges/ovens and microwaves as they come in contact with food, and over time food particles can smell and attract pests.
  1. Completely Drain Liquids
    • For any appliances that use or encounter liquid, all hoses, holding tanks, and pipes should be drained completely to avoid freezing and mildew.
    • For refrigerators, make sure to clean out the defrost pan found underneath or behind the appliance.
    • For dishwashers, take the time to thoroughly wipe down the seal around the door as this holds moisture.
  1. Clean the Exterior
    • It’s also good to wipe down the exterior in case you cover your appliances (which we suggest you do) during a move – if there are particles remaining on the panels, they may scratch it when a moving blanket or tape are placed over top.
    • Many appliances will have filters, or intake areas that should be cleaned prior to storing.

Tips for Moving Your Appliances into Self-Storage

  1. Secure Doors with Tape
    • Taping makes the appliance easier and safer to move.
    • It also helps prevent your appliance from getting damaged during the move due to unexpected door(s) swinging open.
    • Prior to moving, simply place a few pieces of tape over the door on each appliance to secure them.
    • Tip - Be careful to use tape that won’t affect the finish of the appliance or leave residue, such as painters’ tape.
  1. Protect Them from Scratches & Damage
    • In order to further protect the finish and avoid dents, wrap your appliances in moving blankets or bubble wrap. 
    • Appliances are heavy and will most likely be moved using a dolly cart, which means that your appliance may be in contact with metal that could cause scratches if there is no protective barrier.
  1. Keep Appliances Upright
    • While transporting it’s important to keep appliances upright to avoid any internal damage, especially with refrigerators.
    • If this is not possible while transporting, ensure that you place them upright as soon as possible and leave them for 24-48 hours before using them again (which is important when taking your appliances out of self-storage and returning to regular, everyday use).

Tips for When Your Appliances are in Self-Storage

  1. Prop Open the Door
    • To avoid bad odours or mildew, it’s best to prop open the doors of your appliances when in storage so that air can circulate, and any remaining moisture will escape and dry out.
  1. Use Baking Soda
    • To further avoid nasty odours, place a box of baking soda inside each stored appliance.
  1. Cover While in Storage
    • Just like other items in storage, a good way to protect against dust and dirt is to cover your appliances with a breathable material, such as a sheet or tarp.

We hope these appliance storage tips have been helpful and good luck with moving and storing your appliances!

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