Public Storage: Everything You Need To Know

I don’t get it, what is public storage?

A lot of customers ask us “what is public storage?”. We usually awkwardly answer that big “P” Public and big “S” Storage is our competitor! But, we’ve come to realise that what people really mean when they ask us “what is public storage?” is, “what is self-storage?”. Good question!

Self-storage, or public storage, or mini-storage, or u-storage, just means that anyone walking into a self-storage facility can rent a unit, there’s no membership fees (which would make it private), no credit checks (which would make it inconvenient), only a month-to-month commitment and no questions asked about what’s being stored (because it’s none of the facility’s business).

Public storage also means that the facility isn’t just limited to business accounts – these typically are under leases, either for office or warehouse space. Self storage comes in a lot of different packages such as luxurious storage with climate control and power outlets within the unit, subdivided warehouse space, multi-storey facilities, or drive-up storage.

What do people need self-storage for anyways?

A storage unit is a great place to store excess goods, seasonal items, files, inventory, and more! We like to think of self storage as a great way to stay organized – it forces you to be disciplined with your personal belongings because you shouldn’t store things that you don’t need! One customer told us it saved his marriage – we guess his wife really didn’t like his lawn mower in the garage!

Over the years, we’ve seen so many different uses that we don’t bother trying to categorize people anymore. But, in general, a lot of people use self storage during a long term move or renovation and they figure out that they actually really like it and so they keep their unit for many years.

What are some other features of public storage facilities?

Some of the key features of a public storage facility are:

  • 24/7 Access: Most mini-storage facilities have access hours and office hours and those are two different things. At Storage Solutions, our access hours are very convenient – 24/7 – and our office is open six days a week if you need one of our staff to help you out.


  • Drive-Up Access: Most facilities are drive-up, however, recently, facilities are becoming multi-level due to costs and so customers have to use an elevator to get to their unit.  Storage Solutions is an entirely drive-up self storage facility. This means that customers transport their belongings to the facility, pack the unit themselves and control the access by using their own lock and key. Customers only inter-mingle in the common areas, like the driveways, and don’t have common walls or doors, so their belongings are more secure.


  • You Lock It, You Keep the Key: The customer puts their own lock onto the unit and keeps the key. It’s rare that a facility will have a key to a customer’s unit because it’s such a security issue.

Should I reserve a unit?

We recommend reservations, but we always try to meet our customers’ needs. Availability changes daily so it’s a good idea to check with us before showing up with a moving truck, but again, we’ll always try to help out a customer!

What documentation do I need to rent a unit?

A valid photo i.d., form of payment and a lock. We provide a rental agreement for you to complete and sign, an access card for the facility and we also sell locks in case you forget your own.

How does payment work?

Rent is due monthly. Some facilities will require rent on the 1st of the month but we charge rent on the calendar month, or the day that you rent. If you sign up on the 15th, you have to pay your rent on the 15th of every month.

We have a lot of payment options such as credit card, debit, cash, cheque and Interact eTransfer. Most of our customers do not come into the facility to pay their rent, they provide a credit card or email us an Interact eTransfer.  

How long does the move-in paperwork take?

The move in process is typically 15 minutes but depends on the customer. We like to show the customer the unit and explain how access works. Customers also should read through their rental agreement thoroughly before signing and make sure to ask any questions.

We know that self storage is a new thing to most Canadians and we are happy to answer any questions you have. Usually stopping by our facility helps to answer all questions but we can also go through the details over the phone or email.

What is public storage, you ask? It’s your solution!


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amer hashem (Milton)
a month ago

Very reliable storage. A good solution to park your car and keeping it protected from all weather conditions. Although a bit remote location.. but the price and the service was worth it.

Riley Rogozynski (Woodstock)
a week ago

I went in to find out some information on storage units for when I move in a couple weeks and was happily surprised by the customer service I received. I had looked at a few other storage facilities in Woodstock but their customer service was terrible compared to Jared's from Storage Solutions. He was professional and understanding of my needs and was ready to help anywhere he could. I will definitely be spreading the word to any of my friends looking for units!

Jennifer Sibbitt (Milton)
a week ago

Staff are very friendly and helpful. The facility is well maintained, clean and secure. I highly recommend Storage Solutions!

Janet Kennedy (Woodstock)
2 weeks ago

Great rates for a clean, secure, well lit place. Really good staff and a company that cares. New facility and the competitors are pretty tired looking and charging the same rates (if not a bit more).

Abeer Nauman (Milton)
a day ago

Very friendly staff. Always great service. Would highly recommend.

Lindsay Munro (Milton)
4 months ago

My husband and I recently relocated from the US and needed a place to store all of our belongings while we secured a new home. The folks at Storage Solutions advised us on the right size unit for our needs, at the right price. They were kind and helpful with all of our "first-timer" questions. We were very confident in the security of the place, and had absolutely no issues. I would highly recommend and use them again if needed.

Ashley Kelly (Milton)
a month ago

Been storing office and personal items for years. Have had various size units. Prices are great and staff has always been helpful.