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Posted on 2016-12-08 in Blog

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Our Milton self-storage facility sees its fair share of sports fanatics – we’re in a great location for bike riding, hockey playing, skiing, climbing and horseback riding. Because of this, we have several customers who use their small self-storage unit as an off-site locker. We used to find this funny, but now we realise it makes a lot of sense – have you ever seen how much room a goalie’s uniform takes up? It’s huge, and it’s something that doesn’t smell so great, doesn’t need to be in a climate controlled environment, and certainly doesn’t need to take up your mudroom.

Sports equipment is necessary to compete and play safely, and it’s a big investment. That’s why when you store your sports equipment, it’s important to store it properly. Over the years, these are some of the tips that our own customers have come up with to store sports equipment:

  1. Keep Your Equipment Clean and Dry: Always clean off your equipment before you put it into your storage unit because when you’re in a rush and coming to pick something up, you will not want to make that time investment. Also, it is extremely important to never put your equipment away wet. This leads to moisture in the unit and can damage the equipment.
  2. Examine the Equipment Every Time You Use It: This is particularly smart if you’re storing bicycles or hockey gear, something that you are using for safety as well as to play the specific sport. If you notice something is off with the equipment, make the necessary repairs quickly, don’t let the equipment get further worn out. If it’s bike equipment, you’re in luck because there is a great bike store on Campbellville Road and Guelph Line in Campbellville.
  3. Keep an Inventory: This tip comes from a mom who keeps multiple sets of sports equipment (she basically has her own Play It Again Sports store). She’s smart because she keeps an inventory of the equipment, including its size, and keeps that in the unit, so every time one of her kids or her husband goes by the storage unit to pick something up, they essentially “check out”. She says it’s saved them a lot of time!
  4. Check the Owner’s Manual: Some equipment has specific storage requirements, so always look at your owner’s manual to see what is suggested.
  5. Never Store in Plastic: Plastic doesn’t breathe. If you stuff your uniform into a plastic Rubbermaid, it’s not a good thing. Use a cloth bag if you feel you need to put your equipment into something, or if you use a large equipment bag, undo the zipper so that some air flows through the equipment.

If you’re looking for a place to store your sports equipment whether it’s hockey equipment, horse equipment, bicycles, skis, snowboards, here is why you should consider Storage Solutions in Milton:

  • Drive up access – You pull up to your storage unit, pack or unpack your car and off you go!
  • Flexible contracts – Our contracts are month-to-month, which is really important if you are storing something seasonal like ski equipment.
  • 24/7 access – You don’t need to book an appointment to get into your unit, or wait for our office ours. Your storage unit access is completely on your schedule and what works for you.
  • Security – We take security very seriously at our site. Our aisles are well lit, we have video surveillance and key access.
  • On-site staff – We have on-site staff. This might not seem like a huge feature, but having an actual person walking around a facility really changes the security element and when we notice something that doesn’t look right to us, we act.

Still have questions? We’re happy to find answers for you! Call us at 905-854-1008, email us at or come on in to 9200 Twiss Rd, Milton Ontario. Our website is also a great starting place and can be found at

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