Why Shipping Containers Make the Best Self-Storage Units

Posted on 2018-08-28 in Blog

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Unlike typical rollup door storage units often used at self-storage facilities, here at Storage Solutions, we also offer shipping containers at both out locations. Our Milton location is 100% comprised of shipping containers and our Woodstock location offers 8x20 outdoor storage containers.

Why shipping containers? Because of their design, construction and size!

Shipping containers are specifically designed to be stacked, portable, and are constructed from corrugated metal sheets that are welded together. They are put through rigorous quality assurance tests for water resistance, vibration and impact so each storage container can withstand moisture, salt and extreme weather conditions.

In terms of their size, the most common sizes globally are 20’ long x 8’ wide x 8’ tall and 40’ long x 8’ wide x 8’ tall. To put that into perspective, a 20' can hold approximately 3,500 shoe boxes and a 40' “high cube” can hold around 8,400 shoe boxes.

While this may seem exorbitant, it’s all necessary because their primary use is to transport cargo across the vast and unpredictable oceans. From extravagant luxury cars to everyday household items to electronics, statistics report that almost 90% of the world’s cargo is transported on a ship via shipping containers. 

As shipping containers are retired from the shipping industry they have been put to some awesome alternate uses such as self-storage units and portable storage containers. Here at Storage Solutions, the containers we use are what are called 'one trip' containers. They literally have made a single trip and then are retired. These containers are essentially brand new and are as ‘new’ as you can get here in North America. 

Amazingly, there are millions of shipping containers in circulation today. People have embraced them and realized that they are excellent building blocks for homes, offices, workshops and even villages. TV shows like Container Wars, Container Homes and Containables come up with some pretty cool transformations.

So, why do we use shipping containers as self-storage units?

  1. They are durable and tough, made of steel and waterproof.
  2. They are movable or portable which is convenient for packing and for mobile storage
  3. They are self-enclosed, which eliminates rodent and bug problems that most storage facilities often have. It also gives you extra security since your container is not connected to other units.
  4. They are truly a safe and secure place to store your belongings.
  5. They are drive-up, which is becoming less common in our industry. By being able to park at the door of your storage container, you can easily and quickly move your items yourself, especially those awkward or heavy ones, without the need (and cost) of professional movers.

If you want to learn more about our self-storage containers, buy your own storage container or would like to tour our facility with one of our helpful onsite staff, call or email us today. We’d love to show you around.