Car Storage Business Storage: Secure, Local & Afforfable


Many businesses reap big benefits from self-storage. We’re seeing a growing trend of landscapers, contractors, construction companies, realtors, outdoor furniture companies, small businesses, online companies and mobile sales people joining us in our love of all things self-storage. These businesses and professions, along with others, view self storage as a practical, safe and economical solution for:

• Inventory Storage (especially inventory backlog)

• Seasonal Inventory

• Storing Furniture, Décor, Materials & Supplies

• Construction Storage

• Tool Storage

• Equipment Storage

• Document Storage / File Storage

• Record Storage

• Warehouse Storage


Many savvy small businesses are renting a self-storage facility during office renovations, moves and even as an inexpensive warehouse. It's really a Win-Win investment for small businesses, especially when they choose a reputable self-storage company like Storage Solutions:

• It gives a small business the space it needs and wants for as little or as long as needed.

• It's a business expense (business write-off), and with our flexible month-to-month rentals, invoicing is monthly (which your bookkeeper will appreaciate).

• Auto credit card payments help you pay with easy and keep track of this expense on a single card.

• Our self-storage units are safe, secure, and private, which are ideal conditons for business storage needs.

• With our long access hours, you can access your storage unit when you need it.


Not all businesses have sufficient space for their regular inventory, let alone room for excess inventory or seasonal inventory. This means that their business, from the sale floor to offices to employee areas, are cluttered with boxes, which are in the way of everything (and not making them money…yet). Let’s face it – customers don’t want to shop in a messy, claustrophobic store, nor do people want to work in these environments. Not having space for your inventory is just not good for business or your bottom line.

Self-storage is a simple, cost-effective and flexible solution for inventory storage, specifically for storing seasonal inventory, excess inventory and really, inventory in general. It gives businesses the extra space needed during peak seasons, for temporary overflow, and to get those higher volume discounts.


Not all businesses have room to store their spare furniture, supplies or materials. A self-storage unit gives a business flexibility to store these until they are needed or wanted. Self storage is also a very attractive and affordable business storage solution for real-estate agents, stagers and interior decorators. These professions love self storage because they can store signs, furniture, décor, accessories, materials, samples, supplies (you name it) until they need it. They don’t have to store it at home or risk it being damaged or lost. Even better, when they do need something for business, they can pick it up anytime.


Contractors, tradespersons and construction companies have a lot of expensive tools and equipment and depending on the project they are working on, they may also have a lot of building materials on hand. Imagine leaving expensive supplies, tools or equipment unsecured onsite? No way! Sometimes leaving them on a secure job site is not an option. And finding a secure place for tool storage and equipment storage in the off-season can be challenging. There may not be enough room at their shop or at home to meet their construction storage needs.

Renting a local self-storage unit is a great solution for tool storage and construction storage. It offers a safe and secure place to store expensive tools, equipment, building supplies and materials, and the convenience of easy access to these whenever needed, whether it be the next day, next week or 6 months.


Businesses (even really small ones) must keep records. Record storage and document storage are unavoidable and necessary parts of doing business. As a business, you know that records take up boxes, which take up room. The space that business records and documents require is quite surprising. Businesses find self-storage an ideal solution for record storage, document storage and archive storage. When using a storage unit for file storage, using sturdy shelving can help you keep your business records off the floor and more organized, as well as safe & secure.


Did you know that warehouse space varies from $5-$30 square feet in the GTA? That’s a lot of money per square foot! That space is also commonly subject to an annual lease, and there’s often no room to scale your warehouse space up or down. And if you’re looking for a smaller space, you’ll have a hard time finding it because landlords would rather deal with fewer tenants rather than split a large space up.

Save on expensive office & warehouse space with a flexible storage rental!

Using self-storage for your warehouse storage needs is smart because you can rent out the space that you need (in self-storage units), and as your business storage needs changes you can rent more units or scale back. If you’re looking for affordable and flexible small business warehouse space, consider a self-storage facility.


Office renovations and moves can be messy, stressful and disrupt business. Self-storage is a simple and affordable way to safely store office furniture, supplies and documents and contents during these periods. In the case of an office renovation, these items will not be in the way or at risk of being damaged. And with these assets safely out of harm’s way, office renovations can be tackled quicker, which means you get to move back in sooner, and can get back to business faster. Plus, by renting from a local self-storage facility, you don’t have to worry about needing something that you have temporarily packed away since you can access your unit any time.

As you can see, self storage can really help businesses focus on what matter most, their business and its growth.


  1. Variety of Sizes & Flexibility: We have a wide variety of storage unit sizes and they are flexible since we have month-to-month contracts. This means that if you have a large shipment of inventory coming in or more construction supplies or tools to store, you can give us a call and we’ll help solve your problem.

  2. Drive-Up Units: Our units are exclusively drive up at our Milton location, and we offer a number of drive up units at our Woodstock location. This means you can be in and out quickly without having to handle stairs, elevators, hallways or bay doors.

  3. Security & Peace of Mind: We have well-lit yards with video surveillance throughout. Our storage faciilities operate using electronic gate access, so that we can monitor the comings and goings of our customers at all hours at our locations. We also provide protection* for a storage unit rental at no extra charge to our storage tenants.

  4. Flexible Space Options: Something else to consider, especially if your business is trying to grow, is that if you enter into a traditional warehouse lease, there probably isn’t too much space to grow. So, if you get a large order in, or want to buy in bulk for the peak season, you’ll likely be looking at off-site storage. At Storage Solutions, you can rent an additional unit (or two) and only pay for the period you need to use it.

  5. Accessibility: Our self-storage facilities have long access hours, which means that you can access your self-storage unit whenever it’s convenient for you.

  6. Great Location: Storage Solutions has 2 great locations. Our Milton location (also our head office) is in the west part of Milton, right off the 401 at Guelph Line. You’re not battling traffic to get to us and because of our location, it’s easy to get to Cambridge, Kitchener-Waterloo, Guelph, Burlington, Oakville, Georgetown or Mississauga from our site. Our Woodstock location is minutes from the 401 and 403.

If you’re a local business, Storage Solutions is a great business storage option for you. We’d love to show you around either of our secure facilities, and better understand your business storage needs. Contact us today to talk more about how self-storage can help you with running your business!