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During the summer months, do you take your classic car, sports car or motorcycle out for a spin around the beautiful Niagara Escarpment or scenic Oxford County?

Where do you store it the rest of the time, especially in the winter? Perhaps your garage, driveway or on the street?

Car storage or motorcycle storage are simple ways to reclaim your garage, gain space in your driveway and protect your vehicle from the elements and damaging winter salt. Vehicles that sit motionless in the elements for an extended period of time are subject to degradation. Winter car storage is a great solution to consider! Also, depending on where you live, vehicle storage may be necessary if overnight street parking is prohibited.

Whatever your reason, Storage Solutions can help you!

What Should you Look for in a Vehicle Self Storage Facility

We asked our customers, and they tell us that the most important features to storing your car or motorcycle are security and access. At Storage Solutions, we have a well-lit facility, digital video surveillance, gated access, and long access hours. Visit our About Us page to learn more about our facility features.

Because we specialize in car storage, we offer a variety of car storage ramps, free of charge, to our customers:

  • Wooden: 7” x 30” wooden ramps – suitable for regular sedan vehicles and SUVs (vehicles with higher ground clearance).
  • Small metal ramps: 14” x 48” - suitable for regular sedan vehicles and SUVs (vehicles with higher ground clearance).
  • Big metal ramps: 15” x 60” – suitable for all vehicles, and best for vehicles with low ground clearance such as sports cars.


the selection of car ramps available for use at storage solutions    the selection of car ramps available for use at storage solutions

Car Storage FAQs

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about vehicle storage:

What size storage unit fits a car?

At both of our locations, we use 8x20 shipping container units to store vehicles.

Will my car fit in a storage unit?

Most vehicles will fit inside of our 8x20 storage units. Almost all regular cars, and small to mid-size SUV’s, will fit without issue. The width of the vehicle is where it gets a little tight with larger SUV’s and trucks, however they will usually fit if you are willing to crawl out from the back.

Do the units have electricity for a trickle charger?

No, our self-storage units do not have electricity. If you are concerned about battery health, you can take the battery out of the vehicle and bring it home to charge, or you can stop by your unit once a month and run the car for a few minutes to charge up the battery.

Are the storage units heated?

No, the units are not heated. They do have insulation on the roof to protect the contents from moisture. In our experience, vehicles fare very well in our storage units even throughout the winter and summer and are not negatively affected at all – they are meant to withstand weather!

How do I get my car in the unit?

We offer ramps at both of our locations to help bridge the gap between the ground and the container. In Woodstock, we keep the ramps in a container so just ask for them if you need them! In Campbellville, we keep several sets of ramps available outside and have a bigger set of ramps better suited to vehicle with low ground clearance inside that can be accessed upon request.

Once the ramps are in place, slowly pull the car in – we suggest you reverse your vehicle inside so that you can leave yourself more room on the driver’s side to exit from. Check out our helpful videos below for car storage!

How much does car storage cost?

Our car storage prices are affordable and vary by location. Visit one of our location pages below for current pricing, and to rent your car storage unit online:

Have other questions about renting self-storage? Visit our FAQ page.


a small black car in a self-storage unit at Storage Solutions

Car Storage Resources Car Storage Experts!

New to vehicle storage, or need a little refresh?  No problem! Check out these helpful videos whicb cover how to take your car in & out of storage:


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If you’re planning to store your car or motorcycle in self-storage, or already do, here are links to helpful tips and tricks that we share with all our vehicle storage customers:


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