Packing Supplies for Storage and Moving

Packing supplies can make your life easier. Can you imagine moving odd items without putting them all into a packing box? Or, can you imagine moving fragile items without having bubble wrap to protect them?

You never think about packing supplies until you go to move something. We’ve all gone to the grocery store and asked them if they have extra packing boxes, only to find they smell, are odd sizes and there’s never enough! Avoid these hassles and purchase your self-storage supplies from us. And don’t forget to check out tips for how to pack a box. We’re definitely filled with lots of storage solutions!

Below is a list of the packing supplies we keep in stock. If we don't have the specific supplies you need, let us know and we will place a special order just for you.

If you’re just interested in storage, we sell locks and LED lights which are perfect for your unit. At Storage Solutions, we control access to our secure, self-storage facility, but your lock is the best line of defence against anyone tampering with your unit. It’s in your best interest to invest in a good-quality lock, which will deter thieves because these locks take longer to break and usually require some sort of mechanized tool, which creates noise and attracts attention. A lock also ensures that you are the only person accessing your storage unit – even if you have misplaced your access card. At Storage Solutions, we sell locks of different types so you can select the best fit for your needs. Just remember, once you place your lock on your storage unit, please keep track of the key! Not sure how to choose a lock? Here are some tips for how to choose the right lock.

box 1 Small Packing Box 1.5 cube carton 16”x13”x13” Perfect for books, DVDs, magazines and heavy items
box 1 Medium Packing Box 3 cube carton 18”x18”x16” Use for dishes, cups, clothing and medium sized-items
box 1 Large Packing Box 5 cube carton 18”x18”x27” Works for lighter items like bedding or awkward sized items
box 1 Extra-Large Packing Box 24”x24”x24” Good for big items that are heavier and you can pack light items like towels around
box 1 Wardrobe Packing Box With Bar 24”x24”x42” The best way to store clothes
box 1 Bubble Pack 3/16”x12”x15’ Necessary to minimize the chance of your fragile items being damaged
box 1 Mattress Covers King, Queen, Double/Full, Twin/Single Mattress covers help protect your mattress and elongate their lifetime
box 1 Packing Tape Dispenser and 3-pack of tape A dispenser makes taping packing boxes much simpler and faster
box 1 Pens Pens are ideal for properly labelling all of your belongings
box 1 LED Lights Batteries included These lights are great to have in your storage unit, high efficiency
box 1 Locks Disc lock, weather cover lock and regular lock A good quality lock is necessary to secure your belongings
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