Packing Supplies for Storage and Moving

Storage Solutions in Milton sells packing supplies. If we don't have the specific supplies you want, tell us and we can place a special order just for you.

You never think about packing supplies until you go to move something. We’ve all gone to the grocery store and asked them if they have extra packing boxes, only to find they smell, are odd sizes and there’s never enough! Avoid these hassles and purchase your packing supplies from us – yet another storage solution.

We sell the following packing supplies, but if you need more or something specific, please let us know because we can place a special packing supply order for your needs.

box 1 Small Packing Box 1.5 cube carton 16”x13”x13” Perfect for books, DVDs, magazines and heavy items
box 1 Medium Packing Box 3 cube carton 18”x18”x16” Use for dishes, cups, clothing and medium sized-items
box 1 Large Packing Box 5 cube carton 18”x18”x27” Works for lighter items like bedding or awkward sized items
box 1 Extra-Large Packing Box 24”x24”x24” Good for big items that are heavier and you can pack light items like towels around
box 1 Wardrobe Packing Box With Bar 24”x24”x42” The best way to store clothes
box 1 Bubble Pack 3/16”x12”x15’ Necessary to minimize the chance of your fragile items being damaged
box 1 Mattress Covers King, Queen, Double/Full, Twin/Single Mattress covers help protect your mattress and elongate their lifetime
box 1 Packing Tape Dispenser and 3-pack of tape A dispenser makes taping packing boxes much simpler and faster
box 1 Pens Pens are ideal for properly labelling all of your belongings
box 1 LED Lights Batteries included These lights are great to have in your storage unit, high efficiency
box 1 Locks Disc lock, weather cover lock and regular lock A good quality lock is necessary to secure your belongings
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Packing supplies can make your life easier. Can you imagine moving odd items without putting them all into a packing box? Or, can you imagine moving fragile items without having bubble wrap to protect them?

The type of packing supplies that you need depends on what you are storing, but typically, if you are packing heavy items into boxes, you will want a box designed for that weight. Or, if you’re packing dishes, you will want a box designed to store dishes.


It seems fairly simple to pack a box, but there are some helpful tips for you to use the least number of boxes and to protect your belongings.

Use the right size

Think about the size of your objects and their weight. Put light items, like pillows and comforters, into a bigger packing box (if you can, you’re better to put these into a vacuum bag so you can save even more space). Try not to overweight your packing box. Packing boxes are created with a certain weight in mind and it’s not great if your packaging starts to fall apart. Large boxes filled with heavy things make for unhappy movers – paid or otherwise!

Pack based on weight

Heavier items should be in the bottom of the packing box and the lighter items on the top.

Label everything

Be detailed in your labelling. Don’t just write “Kitchen”, take the time to write “Kitchen – Utensils”. Your movers will know where to put things and if your packing boxes are in storage, you’ll be able to locate that spatula if you need it.

Fill the entire space

This tip tends to be ignored once you’re further into your packing but you should fill gaps in the packing box with clothes, packing paper, towels, anything soft. If a packing box is unbalanced or loosely packed, it’s harder to move and to store.

If you have special items, use special packing boxes

Art or a TV demands a specific type of packing box. Dishes and glasses definitely require a specific type of packing box.

Tape Correctly

You can use packing tape to reinforce the strength of your packing box. Once you’re done packing the box, wrap tape all the way around the top and bottom of the packing box.

Protect breakable items

Always err on the side of more paper and bubble wrap than less! Also, dishes are better stored on their sides, not flat. You can put bowls and cups insider each other, but make sure you have paper in between and use a dish box. Also, plasma TVs can be ruined if they are laid flat – so pay attention to your breakable or sensitive items, make sure they are properly marked and have a plan for how they should be moved and stored.

Keep your boxes organized based on rooms

If you’re packing your kitchen, don’t start to put bathroom supplies into the packing box. It might seem like a fast solution when you’re packing, but when you’re unpacking or when you’re storing things and looking for a specific item, it can make life tough.

Self Storage Supplies

If you’re just interested in storage, we sell locks and LED lights which are perfect for your unit.

No matter what you do, you must invest in a good-quality lock. At Storage Solutions, we control access to our secure, public storage facility, but your lock is the best line of defence against anyone tampering with your unit. A good quality lock deters thieves because they take longer to break and usually require some sort of mechanized tool, which creates noise and attracts attention. A lock also ensures that you are the only person accessing your storage unit – even if you have misplaced your access card. At Storage Solutions, we sell locks of different types so you can select the best fit for your needs. Just remember, once you place your lock on your storage unit, please keep track of the key!

How to Choose a Lock

There are a lot of lock options and each lock varies in durability and security. There are certain lock features to be aware of:

Lock Material: To begin with, a lock is made with material, usually hardened steel, steel or brass/aluminum, but then the shackle of the lock also has its own material.

Shackle Material: The shackle is important because this is what people typically cut with lock cutters, so you want a shackle that is fairly thick and strong. The highest “security level” of shackle is one that is shackle shrouded, followed by boron alloy, hardened steel, stainless steel, steel and the least secure is brass.

Shackle Locking: There are also different shackle locking mechanisms such as dual ball bearing, dual lever and single level.

Weather Resistance: In Ontario, we get wind, rain, ice and heat. These elements all affect your lock. The highest level of security is a covered lock because it keeps the weather out.


Level of Security: Manufacturers rank each lock for levels of security. However, this means that Chalet may rank its lock a #1, but that might not mean it’s better than MasterLock’s #3. A higher security lock does follow “Sold Secure” and “CEN” security ratings. “Sold Secure” has three categories – Gold, Silver and Bronze and “CEN” has CEN 3 through CEN 6 (CEN 6 is the highest ranking).

Size of Lock: A bigger lock does not mean a stronger lock. The most important feature of size is just whether it fits the storage unit. So long as it fits, then you should consider the other security features.

Shape of Lock Body: There are four general “body types” for a lock.

  • Discus Style: This is called a disc lock. It looks like a big circle.
  • Anvil Lock: This is a large rectangle with a shackle through the top. It’s usually used for shop fronts, not storage units.
  • Conventional Lock: These have a rectangular body and a rounded shackle. It’s what is normally used for storage units.
  • Shackleless Lock: These literally do not have a visible shackle, so cannot be used to secure a storage unit.

Material Used: The lock body is needed to keep the internal lock mechanism safe from thieves and weather.