Storage Prices and Unit Sizes

Storage Solutions in Milton, minutes from Burlington, Guelph, Mississauga and Oakville, your secure, public storage facility, offers four storage unit/container sizes to suit virtually any self storage need.

FOR 8 X 8

Approximate Square Feet: 64


FOR 8 X 10

Approximate Square Feet: 80


FOR 8 X 20

Approximate Square Feet: 160


FOR 8 X 40

Approximate Square Feet: 320


* Remember to allow space around your stuff, this allows you to find a specific item and also allows for airflow
    around your stuff.

** Please note, prices are subject to change.

Not sure what size storage unit you need? Use the comparable size chart below to help you determine the optimal size to rent for your self storage needs.

Size Comparable To
8 X 8 Walk-in closet
8 X 10 Tool shed
8 X 20 Garage or contents of a 2-3 bedroom home
8 X 40 2 car garage or contents of a 3-4 bedroom home

Self Storage at Storage Solutions in Milton


Each rental storage unit / storage container at Storage Solutions in Milton is a fully-enclosed, leak and weather-proof, steel container. The 8’x20’ and 8’x40’ storage units / storage containers have French doors opening 8’ wide for your larger items.


Choosing the right storage unit / storage container size isn't just about figuring out how many boxes you have. In addition to the amount of boxes, inventory, furniture, or "stuff" you have, it is critical to consider the following:

• Are you planning to store for a short or long term?

• How often will you need to access your belongings?

• Do you have any large or awkward items?

• Are you planning on using shelving in your unit or container?

Typically, the longer you are planning to store, the more organized your unit/container should be. At Storage Solutions in Milton, we’ve noticed that customers hope to store for a short period, but frequently end up staying for a few more months than planned, so this is a good reason to be organized no matter how long you plan on using self storage.

We recommend that customers plan aisles in their rental unit/container for easy access, that they do not pack items right against walls, doors or ceilings, to allow for airflow, and to measure the large, awkward items they have to figure out how they will fit into the storage unit / storage container. So, when thinking about how much space you need, don’t just add up the square footage of the boxes you have!

The best way to determine the right unit / container size for you is to visit Storage Solutions in Milton and look at our three rental storage unit or container sizes. We are happy to help you determine what would fit your belongings. Also, if you happen to load up your truck and realize you have chosen the wrong size, please call us so we can get you into the right sized storage unit / storage container!


Our rental storage units / storage containers are versatile and fit pretty much anything. With the 8’x20’ unit and 8’x40’ unit, the entire 8’ entrance door opens so you can fit wider items. Our customers in Milton, Burlington, Oakville, Guelph and Mississauga store anything you can think of - contents of a house, inventory from a business, spare tools, seasonal items, sports equipment, cars, equipment, etc.


You need to use common sense when storing your belongings. You also need to follow the law. Remember that the rental storage units /storage containers at Storage Solutions in Milton are not climate controlled, so fluids or anything under pressure are strictly prohibited.

It is critical to us that you, your items being stored and all customers are safe. If you’re not sure about something, please ask us and the staff at Storage Solutions in Milton would be happy to help.

As a general rule, never store:

Waste or Smelly Items: These could seep into your belongings and damage your goods.

Food, perishable goods, dry goods, scented candles or ornaments made of edible ingredients: Food goes bad and grows mold. This will damage your belongings.

Living creatures: Plants, fish, animals, birds, and any other living creature are strictly prohibited.

Illegal substances or goods illegally obtained: You must legally possess any of the items you are storing which means they cannot be illegally obtained or themselves illegal.

Fine art, antiques, jewels, coins, cash or securities: These cannot be stored unless we have agreed in writing.

Hazardous, toxic or radioactive goods, biological agents, flammable materials and liquids, pollutants, contaminated goods, asbestos or other materials that are potentially dangerous: These are all strictly forbidden. You should never store these materials. They can harm your other belongings and most importantly, other humans.

Canisters under pressure: These include aerosol cans and gas canisters.

Explosives, weapons, ammunition or firearms.

Self Storage Tips

You can pack your rental storage unit / storage container at Storage Solutions in Milton however you please, but sometimes it’s nice to have some guidance. At Storage Solutions in Milton, we recommend that you:

Leave Space: Remember to allow space around your stuff, this allows you to find a specific item and also allows for airflow around your stuff.

Label Everything: Labelling your boxes, containers, even your covered furniture, can really help you out when you go to find something in your storage unit / storage container or go to move. Also, if you’ve gone to the trouble of labelling everything, remember to place the label-side towards the aisle in your unit so you can read the label!

Don’t Crowd the Doors: Be careful to NEVER pack items against the doors. This can be very dangerous to you and also, your belongings can be damaged when you open your doors and they tumble out.

Use Vertical Space: The rental units at Storage Solutions in Milton are 8’ high so you can use a significant amount of vertical space. The best way to do this is with shelves, but you can also put furniture on its sides, stack boxes, etc. However, keep in mind that stability of how you pack your goods is very important. Don’t put heavy boxes on top of light boxes, they will damage the boxes and also can pose a danger to you if they fall over.

Take a Picture: Sometimes you forget where you put things, especially when you’re in-between houses or you have a busy business and inventory is scattered in several locations. A picture of your packed storage unit / storage container can really help you determine if something is in your unit (provided it isn’t buried!) and saves you the effort of having to visit your storage unit / storage container.

Cover Everything: Close all box lids, put covers over furniture, place cardboard under furniture. We don’t have access to your unit, so we’re not giving it a daily cleaning! Take precautions to protect your goods.

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