9 Cool Ways to Update Your Home

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There are probably a lot of big things you want to do to your home, like knock down a wall, open the space up, reno the kitchen, upgrade the bathroom, install new floors or fix up the basement.

That all sounds (and looks) great on TV, right?  But if you’re like us, and many other people, sometimes you’re just looking for home improvement projects that you can do a little quicker, on a better budget, and that do not need a team of experts with skills you don’t have.

You’re in luck - we have 9 cool ways to update your home!

1. Custom Book Covers

You can purchase a multi-pack of scrapbook paper from a craft store and use this to cover your books, especially some of your less cerebral books! The effect is like creating art on your bookshelf. There are so many types and styles of scrapbook paper to choose from. You may decide to use paper all in one colour but different tones, or different patterns. The possibilities are endless - have fun being creative! 

2. Invest in New Door Hardware

You can really add some life and give freshness to your kitchen or bathroom with new knobs on drawers and doors. It’s also not so permanent, so you don’t have to feel too committed to the hardware. We like the faux crystal knobs because they brighten up a space, but the look of a brushed copper is always timeless. There are lots of options at different price points, so you’ll definitely find something that works for your style and budget.

3. Make a Fireplace Focal Point

If you have a fireplace that needs a bit of love, paint it! You can either make the fireplace blend better with the room by painting it a similar colour to the walls, or you can make it a focal point and paint it a pop colour.  A pop of colour will definitely make it stand out and give some personality to the whole room.

4. Create a Chalkboard Wall

If you have a rather boring wall, especially in your kitchen, consider changing it to be a chalkboard. A chalkboard wall can be functional for writing grocery lists, things to do, reminders or messages on the wall.  It can also be a work of art where you use different coloured chalks and make designs or sketches on it. Either way, this is a very cool idea for your room.

Tips - Be sure to follow the chalkboard paint instructions carefully so you end up with as smooth of a chalkboard as possible. And when buying chalk to use on your new chalkboard wall, look for softer chalk, as harder chalk will start to pull at the paint.

5. Bookends are the Best

Go to a local antique store and find some cool bookends. We especially love the older wooden style ones, made from lighter weight wood because they won’t be too heavy on shelves. You can further customize the bookends by painting them. Depending on the colour and finish you choose, these bookends could add a pop of colour and some flair to your room, or they can look elegant and blend into the room’s décor.

6. Invest in a Mirror

Mirrors instantly brighten a home by reflecting light, however a mirror wall in any room can look dated. A nice in-between is to invest in a large mirror that you hang or lean on a wall. This works very well in front halls because usually a home’s entryway is a little on the small side, and this brightens the space instantly. It also gives you a chance to take a quick glance at yourself before you leave your home and make sure you don’t have something in your teeth, hair or on your clothes.

7. Use Outdoor Furniture…Inside!

Many garden centres have end of season sales where you can buy nice, metal outdoor chairs or tables, at a surprisingly good price. Bringing this style of furniture indoors adds a casualness to your home. These items are also durable, paintable and usually a lot easier to wipe down than fabric chairs.

8. Show Your Personality with Letter Boards

Letter boards are felt boards with little slots for letters, so you can create your own message. It’s an interactive, and easily changed, piece of art that adds personality to your room. You can put on a quote, a joke, a reminder, whatever suits you.

9. Remove a Door from a Cupboard

This sounds really bold, but you don’t need to have cupboard doors on all of your cupboards. You can take off one or two, especially the ones you use more frequently. The effect this creates is a more New York style kitchen. They key to pulling this off is to make sure the cupboard you’re exposing is well organized and stays that way.  

Above all when updating your space, try to inject some of your personality into your home. This is your personal space after all. You want it to look and feel authentic and genuine, so that you are comfortable in it.

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Good luck with your next home improvement project!

Your friend in self-storage,

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