Mobile Storage

Self-storage is great, but we know it’s not always easy to get your stuff to our facility or sometimes you want a more portable storage solution. If you need self-storage on-site, you can have a storage container delivered right to your home, office or job site and either keep it there or store it with us.

We know you’ll be happy with our product. Our mobile storage units are:

Durable: We use certified shipping containers that are waterproof, fire proof and rodent proof. The container is made of steel, not flimsy aluminum or plastic boarding. A steel shipping container doesn’t warp or bend when it’s loaded – it’s meant to be loaded with goods and transported across an ocean.

Big: We use 8’x20’ shipping containers as our portable storage units. That’s approximately 160 square feet of storage room or 1,172 cubic feet! That’s a lot of room, especially when you use the floor to ceiling space.

Wide Doors: The doors to our portable storage units open 8 feet across, giving you a lot of room to get bulky items inside.

mobile storage unit

$165/month + delivery
FOR 8 X 20


What are the other benefits to using Storage Solutions’ mobile storage unit service?

No Surprises: Renting a truck or using movers makes sense in certain circumstances. But, they are only able to give you quotes since they don’t know the specific length of time required to move your items. You might also disagree on work ethic and speed! Well, with Storage Solutions, your monthly rent is your monthly rent, no surprises.

It’s Flexible: You can easily sign up, you can easily end your contact, and you can store at your place or the Storage Solutions facility. Our goal with our mobile self-storage is to make your life easier and give you flexibility.

You’re in Control: What’s nice about packing your own portable storage unit is that you are in control of where things go, how they are packed and how they are tied down. The best part is that you know where that whatchamacallit is in your mobile shipping container, so when you really need it, it only takes a few minutes to get it!

Our portable shipping containers are waterproof, fire proof, rodent proof and convenient. Whether you are renovating, moving, need extra warehouse space, planning an event, or have a job site, this is a great option for you. Here is why:

Moving: We know that moving is stressful. And sometimes, it’s not easy to rent a truck, load it and move everything yourself all in one day. Take the stress out of moving by giving yourself some extra time to load one of our mobile storage containers. We can take the storage unit away when you’re ready and keep it at our yard where you can still access your belongings (and where you benefit from our security), or, we can arrange to move the portable shipping container to your next home.

Renovating: Renovations are great, but they take time and they are messy. Depending on the renovation, you will want to move your belongings well out of the area to avoid damage and our mobile storage unit is the best choice. What’s great is that by keeping the mobile unit at your home, you can access all of your belongings whenever you want.

Retailers: Need to expand your warehouse for seasonal inventory or quickly? Our mobile units fit into a parking spot and give you that extra space to allow your business to grow during crunch times. Our mobile units are attractive and clean to make a good impression on you, your employees and most importantly, your customers.

Construction: Portable self-storage is a must for your job site. Imagine your expensive building supplies and tools being left at a construction site, unsecured. With Storage Solutions’ mobile storage, you can secure and hide valuables, and protect building supplies.