A Day in the Life of a Self-Storage Facility

Posted on 2018-11-20 in Blog

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Thanks to movies and mainstream tv (especially additive, entertaining storage unit themed tv shows) we are often asked what it’s like at our self-storage facility. We can understand their curiosity and are always happy to explain how it all works.

To help understand what a day at our facility is like, it helps to understand what self-storage is and the main benefit of using it. Self-storage (often called mini storage or public storage) gives customers the ability to rent space (a storage unit or storage container) and maintain control over their belongings while in this stored space. When you rent self-storage:

  • Upon rental, it’s your responsibility to transport your belongings to the self-storage facility, pack your storage unit or container, and secure it with a lock.
  • When you no longer need self-storage, it’s your responsibility to move your belongings out of the storage unit or container.

When we mention “self-storage” to someone who has never used it before, or has used a facility other than ours, they share the same common worry that our facility will appear abandoned, dark, scary, with ‘interesting’ characters lurking about. Rest assured - this is not the case at Storage Solutions and other reputable self-storage facilities.

What is it like at Storage Solutions on any given day?

Storage Solutions is a busy facility, with many local residential and business customers coming and going at all hours to drop off, pick up or check on their items (like stored cars). Customers pop in and out of the office to ask questions, purchase a lock or packing supplies and just to say hello.

It’s not unusual for our staff to arrive in the morning and see that several customers have been by their unit throughout the night – there are many people who work shift work or come by after they’ve gotten the kids to bed. Our 24/7 accessible, drive-up outdoor units attract customers who want to access their belongings on a regular basis and at their own convenience, even if that means 2am.

We take a lot of pride in our facility and our friendly atmosphere, which comes across when you’re on site. Our facility is well lit and under full video surveillance, so customers find it safe and comfortable even at night. We have staff on site during business hours to answer questions, give site tours, address issues or concerns, and who walk around the facility greeting customers and checking that units are locked and that the facility is clean.

Our customers really like that our staff pays attention to the yard, and that they say hello when walking the premise. While we do monitor the coming and going of anyone on site, Storage Solutions staff are always careful to mind their own business. We know and understand that a customer’s storage unit is their sanctuary.

If you have questions about our storage unit rentals or would like a tour, call or email us.

Your friend in self storage,

Storage Solutions