Are Mobile Storage, Portable Storage & Pod Storage the Same?

Posted on 2018-06-26 in Blog

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You may be familiar with standard self-storage, which is where you:

  1. Bring your belongings to a storage facility (either yourself, or with a hired vehicle or moving service).
  2. Rent a unit located at that facility.
  3. Place your belongings inside the unit.
  4. Lock the self-storage unit and drive away.

This practice is used all the time and is great, but there’s another option to consider– mobile storage

Mobile storage is known by many names such as portable storage or pod storage.  These names all mean the same thing, and all boast these 3 benefits:

  • Convenience: A container can be dropped right in your driveway, cutting down the commute to your self-storage unit to nothing, and making the task of moving heavy furniture less daunting.
  • Reliability: While renting a truck or using movers makes sense in certain circumstances, they are only able to give you time quotes since they don’t know the specific length of time it will take to move your items. You might also disagree on work ethic and speed and do not want to have to rely on hired help or vehicles. With portable storage, once the container is delivered to you, the only cost is the monthly rent.
  • Flexibility: You can sign up easily, easily end your contact, and you can store the container right on site, or at the self storage facility. 

By using a mobile storage container, you get the self-storage experience, and the convenience of having your storage in the location that best suits you. 

There are many situations in which having a portable storage container is beneficial, such as:

  • Moving: Take the stress out of moving by giving yourself some extra time to load one of our mobile storage containers. The container can be placed in your driveway, making it so much easier to move those dreaded heavy items. It can stay there for as long as you want it there too.  If you need your drive way back, we can take the storage unit away once you’ve loaded it up and keep it at our yard where you can still access your belongings 24/7 (and where you’ll benefit from our security). We can even arrange to move the portable shipping container to your next home.
  • Renovating: Renovating can be quite messy. Depending on the renovation, you may need or want to move your belongings well out of the area to avoid damage. Mobile storage is the best choice when renovating because it keeps the mobile unit onsite where you access it’s contents whenever you want.
  • Retailers: Need to expand your warehouse quickly? Need a place for seasonal inventory? Our mobile units fit into a parking spot and give you that extra space to allow your business to grow during those crunch times.

Now, if you’ve decided that mobile storage is the self-storage solution you were looking for, you’ll notice that not all mobile storage spaces are the same. Some companies advertise that they have their own pods, designed and constructed themselves. These containers are often wooden or aluminum and are quite light, so they can be easily transported on small trucks. Others, like Storage Solutions mobile storage, use steel shipping containers that are 8 feet wide and 20 feet long. These containers are extremely durable and resilient. They are heavier than wooden or aluminum containers, weather proof, fire proof, rodent proof and they can handle being packed to the brim and transported (across the ocean if needed), worry-free. 

If you’re in need of on-site self-storage, or would like to cut down your transportation costs, consider having a Storage Solutions container delivered directly to your home, office, or job site. You can fill the container with your belongings and either keep it with you on site if you have room, or we’ll take the container back to our facility and store it until you do need it.

Contact us to learn more about how Storage Solutions can bring the security and flexibility of a mobile storage unit to you.

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