Storage for Business: How To Use Public Units

Business Storage Solutions

When most people think of self storage, they think about moving or renovations – primarily residential uses. Self storage is great for the individual consumer, but at Storage Solutions, we know that our storage units have a lot to offer to a business as well.

What is Business Storage?

Business storage is the rental of a unit where a sole proprietor, corporation or partnership keeps excess supplies, furniture, files, etc. Typically, the business owner has the access card to the self storage facility and the key to the storage unit, but in recent years, we’ve seen a business treating the storage unit as an off-site office or warehouse and getting locks with multiple keys provided to employees, and additional access cards for those trusted employees.

How can Self Storage Help Your Business?

Business self storage sounds interesting, but on a more practical level, what can it do for your business? Well, a lot of things, but in particular, business self storage:

-        cuts down on expensive office space by keeping items not regularly used by the business such as sales booths, extra office furniture and marketing and display materials, in a less expensive space;

-        acts as a small warehouse or distribution centre;

-        allows a business to buy items in bulk and store for future use; and

-        can be the offsite “closet” for a business keeping older files and documents, or items that the owners would like to keep private from employees (note: in this case, you wouldn’t give copies of your lock key!).

Save on Expensive Office and Warehouse Space

Office or warehouse space is increasing in price and many non-retail businesses are opting to stay out of their Main Street storefronts and either run their business from home or an out of the way location. Most offices cost at least $18-20/sqft to rent and require a minimum of a year commitment. That’s a lot of money for a business to set aside that could be going towards marketing and sales to increase revenues.

We offer reasonably priced units, which means you can store any office furniture, files, sales materials, display booths and anything else taking up space at your office that you don’t use daily. This allows a business to cut down on its office and warehouse needs, but the business still has 24/7 access to the items being stored.

We’re seeing a growing trend of restaurants and event halls, landscapers, contractors, outdoor furniture companies, construction companies, realtors, online companies and mobile salespeople joining us in our love of all things stored.

Small Warehouse or Distribution Centre

In addition to saving money for your business, storing offers a lot of flexibility. We offer 24/7 access, security and multiple unit sizes. This means that your goods are kept safe and also, if your storage needs increase or decrease, you can easily add a unit or end your contract. A lot of warehouse leases require at least a one year contract, but with us, you have the benefit of being a month-to-month customer.

Buy Items in Bulk

A savvy business owner knows that if you buy items in bulk, you can negotiate a price break. The problem is, where do you put all of that “stuff”? We offer an easy solution – month-to-month solutions for business owners. In particular, a lot of our customers who have inventory coming in pre-season love to rent a unit for 1-2 months to store and sort their inventory.

Offsite Storage Closet

We are a small business too and we know that keeping paperwork can take up a lot of room. The problem is that you need to keep paperwork for several years under the law, but you don’t need to access it daily. Business storage at our facility is easy – we have several sizes of units to help you meet your needs.

We are also seeing examples of a business treat self storage like an offsite closet. One of our customers explained that they had to keep confidential information but that’s difficult to do in a small office place. We offer a secure solution for your business to store confidential information – you lock the unit yourself and keep the key.

Tips for Public Business Storage Units

Using a storage unit for your business is different from personal use because there are some additional considerations:

1.     Who will have access to the unit? This is really up to the business owner, but if an employee has a key, that means they have access to everything in the unit, even if you’ve taped up boxes with “Confidential” written on them. You want to make sure that whoever is accessing the unit is trustworthy and that you’ve thought through the contents of the storage unit. Another thing to remember is that once an employee leaves, you should change the lock on your unit – you never know if they made a copy of the key or not.

2.     Pack Smart. You don’t want to spend more time sifting through things in your unit than you have to, so label every box, keep the more frequent items towards the front of the unit, and keep an inventory list of what’s in the unit. Taking a picture of your unit can help trigger whether you put something in there and save you a trip to the facility.

3.     Use the Space. This is especially true for businesses – use the entire space of the unit efficiently. This might mean investing in some sturdy shelves or collapsing down sales booths fully to gain some space. At our facility, we offer forklift services and some of our customers have taken advantage of this to unload pallets of inventory to store in their unit.

Your Business Storage Facility

Renting a unit is easy at Storage Solutions and our staff is happy to help you select the optimal size based on your needs. Storage Solutions is committed to making your business experience a positive one.

At Storage Solutions, we offer 24/7 access, drive up units and digital video surveillance. Just a reminder, our storage units are completely separate from each other so your business is not sharing space.

Check out the Storage Solutions About page for a full listing of the benefits at Storage Solutions. An added benefit of renting a storage for your business is that we are happy to provide you with invoices and receipts for your records.


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amer hashem (Milton)
a month ago

Very reliable storage. A good solution to park your car and keeping it protected from all weather conditions. Although a bit remote location.. but the price and the service was worth it.

Riley Rogozynski (Woodstock)
a week ago

I went in to find out some information on storage units for when I move in a couple weeks and was happily surprised by the customer service I received. I had looked at a few other storage facilities in Woodstock but their customer service was terrible compared to Jared's from Storage Solutions. He was professional and understanding of my needs and was ready to help anywhere he could. I will definitely be spreading the word to any of my friends looking for units!

Jennifer Sibbitt (Milton)
a week ago

Staff are very friendly and helpful. The facility is well maintained, clean and secure. I highly recommend Storage Solutions!

Janet Kennedy (Woodstock)
2 weeks ago

Great rates for a clean, secure, well lit place. Really good staff and a company that cares. New facility and the competitors are pretty tired looking and charging the same rates (if not a bit more).

Abeer Nauman (Milton)
a day ago

Very friendly staff. Always great service. Would highly recommend.

Lindsay Munro (Milton)
4 months ago

My husband and I recently relocated from the US and needed a place to store all of our belongings while we secured a new home. The folks at Storage Solutions advised us on the right size unit for our needs, at the right price. They were kind and helpful with all of our "first-timer" questions. We were very confident in the security of the place, and had absolutely no issues. I would highly recommend and use them again if needed.

Ashley Kelly (Milton)
a month ago

Been storing office and personal items for years. Have had various size units. Prices are great and staff has always been helpful.