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We’ve been hearing the roaring of the motorcycles through the roads these last few months and weeks - it’s been a beautiful summer and fall, perfect for cruising around.

As the fall air continues to turn cooler and we start to think about winter, the calls for motorcycle storage and car storage start up and there’s lot of questions. We often joke that people treat their fancy cars and motorcycles like another child!

Read on for solid tips on keeping your motorcycle protected from the elements and why motorcycle storage is a must-have!

Check Your Insurance

Speak with your insurance provider to ensure continued coverage based on your specific policy. You may not be riding your motorcycle, but you still want to make sure you are protected. 

Clean Up!

Never store a dirty or wet bike. This is common sense, but a lot of people will take their motorcycle out for a ride and drive over wet, salty roads and then store it away for the winter. This is a disaster. You do not want this sitting on your bike. Make sure your motorcycle is totally dry before you store it, and ask your dealer for recommended waxes or polishes to further protect your bike.

Drain the Gas

Make sure you drain the fuel from your motorcycle before you store it. This will protect the bike (and the self storage unit in case anything leaks!).

Do an Oil Change

Old dirty oil is not good for your bike whether you’re riding it or storing it. An added bonus is that when your ready to ride again coming spring, you’re oil is clean, and it’s one thing you can cross off your checklist to do to get your bike road-worthy again.


Talk to your dealer about how to protect your battery. They may recommend you remove the battery while in storage and reattach when you take it out of storage. It’s important to pay attention to this so that when you want to visit your motorcycle, it’s ready for you. Nothing ruins a planned ride more than unanticipated interruptions.

Use a Stand

A motorcycle stand will stop your ties from getting flat spots because the weight won’t be on the tires. This is more important if you’re parking your bike for the whole winter season. A motorcycle stand also helps your suspension too. If you don’t want to invest into a stand, using something with some cushioning, like a carpet, or foam squares, will also help.

Store Inside If You Can

Storing your motorcycle in an enclosed storage space is best because it keeps it out of sight from peering eyes and damaging UV rays onto your paintwork.

If Outside, Cover It

If you have to store your bike outside, then make sure you cover it securely with the right type of motorcycle cover. There are many special covers (even shaped for your bike) that are made from breathable material. These covers will help prevent moisture and help protect it from scratches and dust, and even vermin who like to find ready-made homes over the long cold winter. Just throwing a standard tarp or sheet over it (or one that is filled with tears and holes), is not going to give your bike the protection is needs.

What's the Best Storage Option for Your Motorcyle this Winter?

Definitely, the best route for your motorcycle is an indoor or drive-up self storage unit. The good news is that we have those, and you can rent a self-storage unit for your motorcycle right from our website. We make motorcycle storage smooth and easy. We also pride ourselves on our security, affordability, customer service, and our 24/7 access.  We’re proud of our self-storage facilities, and encourage you see for yourself by taking an online tour our Milton self storage facility or Woodstock self storage facility, or any of our self-storage units on YouTube.

And as an added bonus, our locations are close to some very nice roads that will let you take your bike for a spin.

If you’re in need of motorcycle storage in Milton or motorcycle storage in Woodstock, text, call or email us!

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Your friend in self-storage,

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amer hashem (Milton)
a month ago

Very reliable storage. A good solution to park your car and keeping it protected from all weather conditions. Although a bit remote location.. but the price and the service was worth it.

Riley Rogozynski (Woodstock)
a week ago

I went in to find out some information on storage units for when I move in a couple weeks and was happily surprised by the customer service I received. I had looked at a few other storage facilities in Woodstock but their customer service was terrible compared to Jared's from Storage Solutions. He was professional and understanding of my needs and was ready to help anywhere he could. I will definitely be spreading the word to any of my friends looking for units!

Jennifer Sibbitt (Milton)
a week ago

Staff are very friendly and helpful. The facility is well maintained, clean and secure. I highly recommend Storage Solutions!

Janet Kennedy (Woodstock)
2 weeks ago

Great rates for a clean, secure, well lit place. Really good staff and a company that cares. New facility and the competitors are pretty tired looking and charging the same rates (if not a bit more).

Abeer Nauman (Milton)
a day ago

Very friendly staff. Always great service. Would highly recommend.

Lindsay Munro (Milton)
4 months ago

My husband and I recently relocated from the US and needed a place to store all of our belongings while we secured a new home. The folks at Storage Solutions advised us on the right size unit for our needs, at the right price. They were kind and helpful with all of our "first-timer" questions. We were very confident in the security of the place, and had absolutely no issues. I would highly recommend and use them again if needed.

Ashley Kelly (Milton)
a month ago

Been storing office and personal items for years. Have had various size units. Prices are great and staff has always been helpful.