Moving Day: A Self-Storage Perspective

Posted on 2015-06-23 in Blog

June 30th or July 1st is a very popular moving day. Maybe it’s the Canadian way to celebrate Canada Day! In honour of this, we thought it would be helpful to share one of the biggest lessons we have learnt in our many years watching moves.

We’ve witnessed a lot of house and office moves and we know that they can be tiring, long days. For example, we had one customer moving from Oakville to Burlington who went through the entire contents of her house, calculated exactly how much storage space she would require and went through this with her moving company to make sure they would pack the storage unit to manage the space. Our customer reserved an 8×20 with Storage Solutions in Milton and came by our facility on moving day to do the paperwork and ensure everything was ready.

Unfortunately, her moving company showed up about hour late and the customer had to run into work quickly for an important meeting. By the time the customer was back at her house, her furniture was still on the drive-way and the truck was just beginning to get packed. At this point, things were really behind schedule and the movers were hot and tired in the mid-afternoon sun.

The movers drove to Storage Solutions in Milton and immediately said that the 8×20 unit was not big enough. Our customer was very upset because she was paying the movers by the hour (and having an argument about space is very expensive!) and she was worried about what to do with her belongings.

We immediately switched our customer to an 8×40 unit and the movers started to unload the truck. But once the unloading was done and the movers had left, our customer noticed that the 8×40 unit was only about half full – so she could have rented an 8×20 unit instead. Our customer was upset since she was planning on storing her belongings for some time and the difference in price meant a lot to her.

She phoned the moving company and they explained that their duty was done. Luckily, she had a few strong friends and was able to move all of her belongings into the 8×20 over the weekend. We refunded the customer the price for the 8×40 unit and re-did the paperwork.

Unless our customer asks us, we never open the unit for the moving company to start unloading until the customer is present. In our opinion, it’s critical that the customer be the person to dictate where things should go and whether an aisle should be left, or if there are certain items that should be at the front of the unit because they will be used more.

Movers are great and can literally take the heavy lifting out of your day, but like everything, they need to be managed and supervised.  We’re sure our customer was happy to see the end of her moving day, but we learnt a valuable lesson – when you are planning to move play an active role in your move – supervise the movers to make sure they are working and staying on schedule and always make sure your storage unit is being packed the way you want it.

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