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We know from experience that babies are small, but their gear is not. In fact, when you lay out ALL the stuff, you quickly realize your baby’s belongings could quickly take over your home...and often do!

Many families are living in smaller spaces and have to be smart with how they use their overall home space, but in particular, their baby’s room. The good news is, that before you’re too sleep deprived, you can strategically do a few small things, to organize your life, and make room for baby.

There are tons of nursery storage ideas and baby room storage ideas online, but we wanted to save you time and energy sorting through them. So, here are 7 tips & tricks to help you organize your nursery and help you make room for baby too:

  1. Multi-Purpose Everything: If the change table you’re considering is just a change table, then look away! Most nursery furniture now has built-in storage like shelves or drawers beneath the change table, a crib with small drawers at the bottom (usually good for blankets or extra bedding) and foot stools with storage. We are a big fan of cloth pockets that hang over your nursing chair so you have a place to put your phone, an extra bottle, and most importantly, a pacifier and spare diaper wipes.
  1. Don’t Supersize: Babies are small and they don’t need furniture that is big. A change table can be on the smaller side and a lot of cribs in North America now follow a more European look, which is more streamlined and slimmer. Even the ever-popular large strollers are becoming a little more compact, because, let’s face it, you probably won’t be able to go for a serious hike with your baby, and if you do, you’ll opt for a baby carrier instead of an off-road stroller.
  1. Get in the Closet: Baby clothes are tiny, which is why they are so cute! This means you might be able to put a dresser inside the closet, with a change table on top and a closet rod for the longer items, like sleep sacs. If this sounds a little cramped, then consider removing the door from the closet, which is a really cool look as well. The best part of this is that the closet acts as a mini room. You could either paint one wall a different colour or use wallpaper across the wall to create a personalized or unique look.
  1. Shoe Holders Fit Onesies Perfectly: Something we discovered is that you can hang a shoe organizer on the back of a door, or on some nails if you opt to get in the closet, and each pocket is the perfect size for a onesie. And if you’re a good folder, a onesie and pants! This eliminates you having to constantly bend over a drawer and try and pull together a good outfit for the park.
  1. Versatile Bookshelf: We love Ikea’s cube bookshelf that lets you either store books or boxes with various supplies. We have the 5 cube by 5 cube version, which is almost as high as the room, and it can grow with baby. As the baby grows up, there’s less “stuff” and more books. Just remember to anchor the bookshelf to the wall – safety first!
  1. Embrace a Clean Look: Less really is more when it comes to a nursery. People will come bearing gifts and you’ll soon find you have zero space. Make sure you go through the nursery once a month and do a sweep. We suggest setting up a specific area for toys and once the baby has outgrown them, move the toys to storage or donate. Another tip is to keep baby clothes in storage containers that slide under your bed or the crib and do an inventory of supplies (most importantly diapers) regularly. You will go through tings faster than you think, and the last thing you want is to not be able to use their adorable clothing or be out of diaper wipes. And since baby items are expensive, you’ll want to keep things in good condition. Wash everything before putting them away for storage, and always ensure all baby clothes are thoroughly dried before putting into storage.
  1. Buy for the 'Kid' You Will Soon Have: The baby stage is short and wonderful, so try not to over-invest in baby-specific items. For example, when decorating the nursery, try and invest in art that a kid would also like, baskets that can hold larger items, cubes that are not baby-specific. This will help the room grow alongside your child, and help you save money on redecorating the room in later years.

Above all, enjoy this precious time. And as you move onto the next phase, remember that a self-storage unit really does save you money when you’re still growing your family. Many don’t have the room to hang onto baby gear or clothing between children, so they donate items they still need. When their next child arrives, they have to re-buy it again. With a self storage unit, you have the room needed to safely hold your baby gear for your next child (or children), and also use your storage unit to free up space in your basement, garage, attic, and really any other room, to help make more space in your home for your growing family.

Have questions about self storage?  Just call, text or email - we off touch-free self storage! You can also virtually tour either of our Milton self storage or Woodstock self storage facilities and different sized storage units via YouTube.

We hope you find these baby room organization tips & tricks useful, and if you have any nursery organization ideas, or baby room storage tips or tricks to share, please do!

Your friend in self-storage,

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