Relocating? Temporary Move? Self Storage is your Answer

Posted on 2016-08-05 in Blog

Relocation can mean a lot of things. For the residential user, it means you’re moving, or renovating, or temporarily moving out of your house. For the commercial or business user, you could also be moving, or renovating or temporarily moving out of your office or warehouse space. No matter the circumstance, self-storage can help you. Here’s how!

Give Yourself Some Breathing Space

Imagine you’re renovating your office or warehouse with much needed upgrades, so you don’t need to move everything out, but you need to cut down on the amount of space you’re using, but only for a short time, and you also don’t know for how much time. Confused and feeling frustrated by your circumstances? Enter self-storage. At Storage Solutions, all of our contracts are month-to-month and you only pay rent from the day you start storing (as opposed to the 1st of the month). This gives you a lot of flexibility and saves you money. In terms of space, it gives you room to store some things you might not need in the immediate-term, but that you still need access to and you want to be kept secure. The best thing is that all of our units at Storage Solutions are drive-up and accessible 24/7.

You’re in a Bind

Urgent situations happen, so do emergencies! Your office might need to be cleaned for mold in the ceiling or there’s a leak and work needs to be done without a filing cabinet in the way. Your house might not be ready on time, but you thought it would be, or, you’re not sure if you really need all that furniture, but you want some time to make up your mind. Again, self-storage gives you great flexibility and at Storage Solutions, our staff has seen it all and knows how to help you out, whether it’s choosing the best unit size for you, location within our facility, or easing your concerns about security.

Make Some Money!

You might be moving temporarily to Calgary for a contact and renting an apartment there with aspirations to use Air BnB on your current place. Well, chances are, you don’t really want to leave all of your personal furniture and effects in a home that will likely be occupied by strangers most of the time. Self-storage gives you security and convenience and with our 24/7 gate access, you can fly in early in the morning and still be able to swing by your storage unit. Storage Solutions also offers convenient billing methods so you don’t have to worry about getting to the facility to make your payments, we can take care of them online or automatically every month.

Relocation can be stressful, time-consuming and expensive, but with self-storage at Storage Solutions, it doesn’t have to be! Our prices are very reasonable and with our drive-up units, 24/7 gate access and friendly staff, we work hard to take the sting out of relocation. We’re always happy to talk and answer any questions, feel free to call (905-854-1008) or email us ( anytime.

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