Self Storage at Storage Solutions: Your Offsite Tool Shed

Posted on 2017-07-23 in Blog

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We love our backyard tool sheds. They are the perfect place to put your lawn equipment (which seems to multiply every year), extra soil, pool supplies, snow equipment, you name it, the tool shed can handle it. Until you add in your snow shovels, your winter tires, that extra picnic table you have for larger family events, the canoe you use for fun…and all of the sudden, your tool shed is a place you can’t move in, forget about finding a tool in!

The good news is that there is an easy fix! Store your expensive tools that could develop legs and your more valuable outdoor gear with us in an 8x8 or 8x10 unit. The units are very well priced, convenient, drive-up and most importantly, they are secure. You regain space, keep the things you need daily in your shed, and have peace of mind knowing that your more valuable items are stored offsite and accessible 24/7 with your gate access.

Some extra ways to get the most out of our smaller storage units? Bring a folding table so you can use both the floor and table top inside your unit (double the storage!), bring some shelves so you can maximize the vertical space, and consider what can be folded to take up less space.

The team at Storage Solutions is always happy to help you find your right storage unit. Our website, has a lot of tips and frequently asked questions, we’re available on the phone at 905-854-1008, on email at, and in person at 9200 Twiss Rd., Milton, Ontario. Get in touch today and see how we can help you!

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