3 Reasons for Motorcycle Storage

Posted on 2018-05-22 in Blog

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This post is dedicated to all motorcycle riders! 

Is riding your motorcycle a hobby reserved for weekends and holidays, weather permitting? 

Do you need somewhere to store it throughout the unforgiving Canadian winters?

Do you squeeze your motorcycle into your over-crowded garage, and hope nothing scratches or damages it while it awaits its next adventure?

If you’ve answered yes to any (or all) of the above 3 questions, renting a self-storage unit may be the best motorcycle storage solution for you.

Motorcycle storage at Storage Solutions is a great option for riders who wish to store their motorcycle seasonally, or year-round. One of our smaller units (8x8 or 8x10) will fit your motorcycle and any accessories you would like to keep with it. This makes storing your motorcycle affordable, and convenient!

Why use motorcycle storage?

  • To increase space in your garage.
  • The ability to store all motorcycle-related accessories in one place for easy access.
  • For protection from the elements – units are sealed and weather-proof.
  • To get extra security for your motorcycle - 24 hour security, video-surveillance, and you keep the only key to your unit.

If you’re looking at placing your motorcycle into storage for a long period of time, perhaps the winter season, you’ll need to properly prepare it so that it comes out of storage just as it went in.

Here are 10 tips for preparing your motorcycle for hibernation in a storage unit:

  1. Fill your gas tank and add a fuel stabilizer to avoid corrosion and keep all gas lines clean. After adding the stabilizer, take your motorcycle for a short ride to ensure it’s distributed throughout the fuel system.
  2. Change out all fluids prior to storing it – perform an oil change and replace transmission, brake, and antifreeze fluids.
  3. Wash and dry the motorcycle completely.
  4. Apply a coat of wax to protect the paint finish.
  5. Clean and condition any leather to avoid storing it dirty and for added protection.
  6. Clean the chain and wax/lubricate it.
  7. Disconnect the battery (or remove it) and hook it up to a trickle charger to prevent the battery from losing charge or cracking due to temperature changes.
  8. Set the tire pressure to the factory recommended specifications.
  9. To avoid flat spots on the tires, consider lifting the motorcycle off the ground with a stand or jacks.
  10. Cover your motorcycle for an extra layer of protection with a breathable cover. Avoid plastic as it traps moisture.

If you’re looking for a motorcycle storage unit, you should consider Storage Solutions in Milton. We offer:

  • Drive Up Access: Our units are exclusively drive up, allowing you to drive right into your unit without having to navigate bay doors and hallways.
  • Flexible Contracts: Our contracts are month-to-month, which is essential if you’re looking to store your motorcycle for just the winter months.
  • 24/7 Access: You don’t need to book an appointment or visit our office to access your self-storage unit. You can access your unit whenever it fits your schedule, so you’re good to go whenever you want to hit the open road!
  • Security: We take security very seriously in our yard. We have a well-lit yard, with video surveillance throughout, and we operate using electronic gate access, so that we can monitor the comings and goings of our customers at all hours.
  • On-Site Staff: We always have a member of staff on-site to help you.
  • A Prime Location: We’re located in Campbellville, the western part of Milton, just minutes off Highway 401 at the Guelph Line exit. This makes our location unbeatable for highway riders, scenic riders, and everyone in between!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Your friend in self-storage,

Storage Solutions