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Posted on 2018-05-29 in Blog

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Self-storage is used for so many reasons - moving, renovating, for storing extra retail inventory, document storage, tool storage, car storage, seasonal storage, a place to store the overflow from the garage or when your kids are home from college or university, and so on.

While the need for a self storage unit varies from person to person and business to business, there is a common deciding factor that almost everyone shares - storage rental prices!

People spend a great deal of time seeking out cheap storage because no one wants to spend a lot on something as mundane as a storage unit. When searching online for ‘cheap storage units’ or ‘cheap storage near me’ (because there are benefits to renting from your local storage facility) it’s common to find that self storage prices can vary greatly between facilities, even when you’re seemingly looking at the exact same storage unit. It’s not uncommon to see a difference of more than $50 per month between the same storage unit sizes at two different facilities in the same area.

The reason for this difference is not necessarily the storage unit itself, but the facility in which it’s located, and what they offer. Staffing, property maintenance, temperature regulation and security features all impact self-storage rental prices. These costs will be built into monthly rental costs, which often drive up the rates…but a higher self-storage unit price is not a bad thing. You get what you pay for when it comes to self-storage.

Weighing all that the storage facility offers for the price they charge is the best way to measure value and determine if you’re really getting a deal on a cheap storage unit rental. We believe that it’s important to visit facilities in person to get a true sense of the location, the staff, and the facilities first-hand before you commit. Just relying on websites, online photos and reviews can be misleading at times, as they can be manipulated to portray an ideal (and untrue) view to potential customers.

When using self-storage, in addition to feeling that you got a solid deal on price, you really do need to feel confident that the facility will keep your belongings safe and secure. A cheap storage unit offers you no benefit if your belongings are not safe while in storage. Here are key security indicators that you should look for while touring a facility:

  • Fencing and gates: In order to keep out unwanted visitors, self-storage facilities should have a fully fenced/enclosed property and have a gate providing conditional access, if they offer storage outside.
  • Staff: Does the facility employ someone to manage the yard?  Is there a customer service employee in an office to answer questions and address concerns?
  • Office space: Does the facility have an office?  Is it an inviting place, with retail supplies and sources of information?
  • Storage yard: Is the storage property and building well maintained and clean? Is it yard level and paved, or bumpy, gravel covered, and uneven?
  • Storage unit: What is the self-storage unit made of?  Are the doors and walls made of wood or metal? Is there a roof or is it covered with small/large wire?
  • Security cameras: Do you see security cameras in the yard or building? Do you see monitors with security footage in the office? Does it seem like the security cameras have a full view of the facility or just the entry points? 
  • Lights: Are there lights all over the storage yard? If you had to visit your storage unit at night, would you be able to see?  Would you feel safe?

As you can tell security is a big deal for us, and a top priority. To learn more about what secure self storage really means, and how to ensure you and your belongings are protected, read our post What Really Is Secure Self Storage.

If you’re looking for truly cheap storage, you may have to sacrifice the security and cleanliness that often come with higher rental costs. It’s up to you to place value on your belongings, but we find that if you’re willing to pay for self-storage, your belongings are valuable to you. 

Here at Storage Solutions, we offer competitive self storage prices, while also placing the utmost importance on safety and security for you and your stored items. We have:

  • A fully enclosed, well-lit yard with gated access.
  • On-site staff.
  • Security cameras monitoring the entire storage yard.
  • Office hours 6 days a week.
  • Affordable storage prices.

And all of our units are steel shipping containers, offering individually sealed spaces that are extremely durable. You can also access your unit 24/7.

We hope you’ll visit us here in Milton to see firsthand what we have to offer. We are confident you will be pleased with our facility, staff, security and our self storage prices. Happy storing!

Your friend in self-storage,

Storage Solutions