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Posted on 2016-11-02 in Blog

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Self-storage is also called mini storage or public storage since it is available for business and residential uses, but what is it exactly? Self-storage gives customers the ability to rent space in its simplest form. If you rent a self-storage unit, it is your responsibility to transport your belongings to the self-storage facility and pack your storage unit (and eventually to move out of your storage unit). The benefit is that the customer maintains control over their belongings and can pack their own storage unit.

When we mention “self-storage” to someone who has never used us before, they are worried our facility is like the movies and that it’s abandoned, dark and scary. We always laugh about this because this couldn’t be further from the truth. Storage Solutions in Milton is actually a very busy facility with customers in and out by the hour visiting their unit for whatever reason. It’s not unusual for staff to come in the morning and see that several people have been by their unit throughout the night – there are a lot of people who work shift work or come by after they’ve gotten the kids to bed.

Storage Solutions in Milton also offers exclusively drive-up units, which means it attracts customers who want to access their belongings on a fairly regular basis. The facility is well lit throughout and under full video surveillance so customers find it safe and comfortable even at night. We also make sure that we have staff during business hours and having this kind of presence makes a huge difference. Our staff work or walk around the facility regularly, which gives Storage Solutions a friendly feeling and also customers like this human presence for safety.

Most days, when staff come in, people are already at their units or have been in, and throughout the day, there’s a lot of traffic in and out of the facility and office. A lot of people stop in to say hello to the staff member on duty, and there’s always new customers who want a tour of the facility. The staff do “walk arounds”, where they check units to make sure locks are in place and things are clean, and while walking around, they make sure to say hello to anyone at their units.

Our customers really like that our staff pays attention to the yard. Staff are careful to mind their own business because the customer’s storage unit is their sanctuary, but we do monitor who is in and out.

Storage Solutions in Milton is located in the village of Campbellville and takes a lot of pride in its facility. Check out Storage Solutions on the web at www.storagesolutionsontario.com, by giving them a call at 905-854-1008, emailing at info@storagesolutionsontario.com or visiting them in person at 9200 Twiss Road in Milton. 

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