Self Storage for the Winter

Posted on 2016-11-12 in Blog

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BRRRRR….it’s almost winter and temperatures are dropping! Typically, this is when Christmas decorations start to be put on display in your local Walmart, but this colder weather also means you want to park in your garage, family visits over the holidays and you look around your house and wonder how to get some space back.

Enter Storage Solutions in Milton. As we huddle indoors, it’s pretty obvious that having self-storage over the winter would be very nice to have, but some of us hesitate because we think we’re stuck with a contract, that it’s too expensive, or that it’s not convenient. One of the key benefits of using self-storage at Storage Solutions is that we are flexible and we want to give our customers a flexible solution. All of our contracts are month-to-month, so you’re not paying for self-storage that you don’t need. Also, all units are drive-up, which, in the winter time, is pretty important when you’re battling the elements and you don’t feel like moving your belongings any further than you need to (*elevators are not fun*). The best part is that our rates are reasonable and we are not afraid to post them on our website so you’re not wasting time calling for prices.  

Typically, as soon as the ground gets cold, our team at Storage Solutions in Milton sees a surge in activity and people show up to store anything and everything. Things like outdoor furniture that can get damaged by the cold, lawn mowers, BBQs, kiddie pools, planters, sports equipment that take up space in the garage, or kids’ outdoor toys like slides, are perfect for winter storage. These things take up a lot of room or can get wrecked by ice and snow. They’re also things that don’t make sense to waste heating on!

The busy holiday season is definitely a great reason to get self-storage in Milton at Storage Solutions. Many people have guests coming from out of town and the spare bedroom that is used as the storage space in the house needs to be emptied out. What’s great about Storage Solutions is that you only pay for the space as long as you need it, so if you need space for December, then you’re not committed to stay on.

Right after the holiday season, we see some motived people getting a family storage unit. We used to wonder about this, but now realise it makes a lot of sense. It’s a great place for the Christmas decorations, anything that won’t be used until the spring, kids’ toys, or general family use. One frustrated mom makes her son rent a small storage unit for all of his hockey equipment because it was literally taking up half their basement.

Keep in mind, self-storage fills up in the winter. It’s a busy time of year so call now to get the right sized unit for your needs.

Still have questions? We’re happy to find answers for you! Call us at 905-854-1008, email us at or come on in to 9200 Twiss Rd, Milton Ontario.

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