Cars, Lawnmowers and Jetskis - Oh my!

Posted on 2016-10-04 in Blog

The air is a little crisper, leaves are starting to turn and kids are back in school. It’s Fall people! Fall is a great time to get organized before the winter rush (and weather…) and often people are storing their “fun” car for the winter, or trying to make room in their garage so storing their lawnmower or tractor, and shutting down the cottage and looking for a place to put their jet ski. Obviously, there’s lots of other reason to use self-storage, but we’ve decided to dedicate a blog to self-storage of vehicles, because there are some very real considerations when you store these things.

Here are some things to remember when you store:

Storing a Jet Ski

  • Drain the fuel or stabilize the fuel with a fuel stabilizer (popular ethanol-blended fuels do not keep well)
  • Disconnect or better, remove the battery all together and connect to a battery maintainer or triple charger
  • Winterize your jet ski to avoid cracking
  • If you have a 4-stroke engine, change the oil
  • Clean and dry your jet ski before you store to avoid mildew
  • Open storage hatches and lift the seat to allow air flow through the craft

Storing a Car

We’ve done up a pretty extensive webpage on car storage ( but here are some of the highlights:

  • Wash and dry your vehicle before storing
  • Add 10 lbs of air to prevent flat spots to your tires while in storage
  • Put plastic under your engine so you can see if you have any leaks or drips of the vehicle
  • Drain your gas tank or use a fuel stabilizer
  • Change the oil (old oil has byproducts and acids that could damage your vehicle)
  • Disconnect or remove your battery and attach to a trickle charger
  • Tell your insurance company the car is in storage

Storing a Lawnmower

  • Clean the mower – brush off leaves, grass and mud
  • Use fuel stabilizer
  • Remove the battery

If you’re looking for a home for your jet ski, car or lawnmower, here is why you should consider Storage Solutions in Milton:

  • Drive up access – we’re not sure how you can store a car if the unit isn’t drive up, but we don’t have that worry because all of our units are drive up.
  • Flexible contracts – our contracts are month-to-month, which is really important if you are storing something seasonally like a car, jet ski or lawnmower.
  • 24/7 access – you don’t need to book an appointment to get into your unit, or wait for our office ours. Your storage unit access is completely on your schedule and what works for you.
  • Security – we take security very seriously at our site. We have video recordings, good lighting and electronic access so we know who is in, who is out, and who is who!
  • On-site staff – we have on-site staff. This might not seem like a huge feature, but having an actual person walking around a facility really changes the security element and when we notice something that doesn’t look right to us, we act.

Still have questions? We’re happy to find answers for you! Call us at 905-854-1008, email us at or come on in to 9200 Twiss Rd, Milton Ontario.


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