Don't Fight, Get a Storage Unit

Posted on 2017-09-12 in Blog

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Stuff. Different ways to store stuff. Different preferences on where stuff goes. These are the topics of many a disagreement in a household. And now, with more and more 20 somethings moving back in, grandparents moving in with their kids instead of a nursing home, and people living in smaller spaces, these disagreements can take on a whole new level of seriousness.

The good news? You don’t need to fight. Rent a storage unit and appoint a person to be in charge of each category of stuff.

Your 25 year old decides to take a year long trip around the world but kind of forgets the hockey bags of stuff in the basement? Rent a 8x8 storage unit!

Your kids’ toys and gear seems to have multiplied faster than your children? Rent a 8x10 storage unit!

Your holiday decorations, extra tables, lawn furniture and general stuff is never organized, but you should keep it because you use it at least once a year? Rent a 8x20 storage unit!

Mom and dad just moved in with you but outright refuse to sell their furniture because they don’t think the situation is permanent? Better rent a 8x40 storage unit!

It’s that easy. We can all get along, and we can all get along better if we have designated locations for our stuff.

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