The Perfect Way to End Summer and Why Self-Storage is Wonderful

Posted on 2017-08-15 in Blog

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What’s the perfect way to end the summer? Lounging on a dock somewhere in cottage country, or, organizing your office and house with a self-storage unit? Yes, we agree, self-storage unit.

Why do people like self-storage? Self-storage offers many benefits, but the biggest isn’t necessarily extra space, it’s security. That’s why at Storage Solutions, we take the security of your unit seriously. While we offer 24/7 access, the access is highly monitored, our security cameras actually work (many other facilities have decoy cameras, not helpful!), and we have staff on-site. We know the cars associated with most units, the typical pattern of the storer, and when something seems off, we reach out.

The second reason people love self-storage is that it is flexible. Not just in terms of access, but because you can scale up or down the storage you rent based on your needs. Think about this – if you’re renovating, you might need a big unit for a few months, but soon your storage needs start to go down. Wouldn’t it be terrible to pay for the big unit longer than you require? Or, if you’re a small business and know you can get inventory at a great price, but don’t want to commit to a warehouse lease, self-storage is the perfect answer because it’s flexible and allows you to scale up or down.

At Storage Solutions, we know that self-storage is beneficial for people, both residential and business consumers, and we also know that it’s probably low on your priority list in the hazy days of summer. But, you’ll feel great if you are organized by the fall, and if you don’t find that motivation until the weather turns cooler, we’ll still be here.

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