How to Pack a Self-Storage Unit

Posted on 2015-04-25 in Blog

Ok, so, you’ve done your research, selected a self-storage facility (hopefully Storage Solutions!), and you’re looking to move your belongings into self-storage.

Before you pack the boxes and bins and bust out the bubble wrap and tape, take a minute to read through our self-storage tips – trust us, we’ve been through this before!

1. What Can’t I Store in a Self-Storage Unit?

You would think this is common sense, but there are a lot of items within your belongings that you cannot store.

  • If you’re storing a lawn mower or similar item, be sure to empty gas and oil from it before storing the item.
  • Throw out that old sandwich or any food in your refrigerator before you move the refrigerator! It will become moldy and smelly.
  • Also, solvents, combustibles, paint or gases are off limits.
  • Above all, please, do not store plants or live animals in your storage unit or items that need to be in a climate-controlled environment.

2. How Should I Pack my Belongings?

  • Put mattresses, sofas and chairs in storage bags
  • Remove legs from tables
  • Pack all heavy items in the bottom of a box with more fragile items on top
  • Fill boxes to capacity to avoid tipping and collapsing
  • Cover items to protect against dust
  • Use quality boxes
  • Pack heavy items in smaller boxes for easy lifting
  • Protect fragile items by using bubble wrap
  • Label your boxes!
  • Seal boxes with packing tape to keep dust and moisture out
  • Wrap all furniture with blankets or bubblewrap to protect them from scratches
  • Smaller pictures can be wrapped in bubble wrap and stored with clothing or linen boxes
  • Pack fragile items like glass with foam or bubble wrap and place crumped packing paper between the box and the items for cushioning
  • Keep boxes under 30lbs for easy lifting


  • Leave a walkway into the storage space in order to access items in the back of your unit
  • Pack the items you will need more often at the front of the unit
  • Stack pictures and mirrors on end to save space
  • Sell or donate all unwanted items
  • Keep refrigerators, washers and dishwashers clean and dry with doors open
  • Disassemble tables, shelves and beds and wrap and store on end or side
  • Use a heavy-duty lock on the unit
  • Place cardboard or skids on floor of unit to protect furniture

If you have any questions about storage not covered here, contact us today and we would be happy to be your storage solution!

Until next time,
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