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Posted on 2019-05-10 in Blog

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We’re feeling warm and fuzzy today here in Woodstock!  Today we had the honour and pleasure to sit down with Jerry & Sarah Acchione, hosts of Your Oxford, to chat about our brand-new self-storage facility in Woodstock which offers a wide assortment of interior temperature controlled units, and 24/7 drive up outdoor storage.

Well I guess we did a little more than chat – we filmed an episode of Your Oxford right at our new Woodstock self-storage facility and hosted an array of non-profit and volunteer organizations too!

This was truly a fun and amazing opportunity to show off our brand-new self-storage facility in Woodstock and discuss what we love most – how self-storage can help residents and businesses. It was also fun to shine a little spot light on Victoria Hughes, our owner and manager, who has worked so hard alongside our team to make self-storage safe, affordable and easy in all locations we serve. She spends more time in front of customers than cameras, so this was definitely something new and different!

The best part hosting Your Oxford was the privilege of providing a location for these local non-profit and volunteer organizations to film their episodes:

We love that we were able to play a part with Your Oxford in giving these great organizations a voice to share what they do, the difference they make, upcoming special events and how the community can help or get involved. 

Thanks Jerry and Sarah, and the full team at Your Oxford for today!  We love your goal to ‘support local, shop local, and play local’, and really believe that you have make a positive impact in Oxford County. We don’t do things like this every day and really appreciated the opportunity to be part of this. 

Be sure to watch the Storage Solutions episode of Your Oxford to learn more about who we are and what we do here in the Oxford County community. 

Your friend in self-storage,

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