Moving on a Budget

Posted on 2016-06-23 in Blog

It’s the summer season and it seems that every other house on the block is up for sale, which means that there will be a lot of people moving in the coming months.

Moving a lot of work and something that most of us dread, but apart from the elbow grease required, there is also the price tag to take into account – moving carries a lot of unexpected expenses such as those extra boxes you didn’t think you needed, or having to buy a new bed because your old one literally does not fit up your new staircase. Whatever it is, we thought you might want to hear some ways to save money when you move. So here goes:

  1. Purge. Don’t move things you don’t use. If you go into your basement, look around and feel like you’re at a store because everything looks different to you, then make the hard choice to sell, donate or store. We prefer the storage option, because we’ve met a lot of people who sell or donate and come to regret it because, as they move onto a new age and stage, they realise that one thing that they did away with is something they really need now, but you should make a cost benefit calculation and determine if keeping something really makes sense.
  2. Be Smart About When You Move. A lot of employers will give one paid day as a moving day. Even if your employer does not do this, if you move on a weekend, you don’t have to take a vacation day. Apart from whether you’re being paid to move or paying to move, if you can move during an off-peak time, you can usually negotiate better rates with movers. For example, if I’m a moving company and I have 10 trucks, probably they are all spoken for at the end of the month. But if it’s a random day, in the middle of the week, in the middle of the month, only 3 of my trucks might be spoken for, which means I’d rather give you a discount to sign up with me because otherwise, I have a truck sitting in my parking lot! Think about this when you’re calling around for moving or truck rates and it can’t hurt to call back and ask if the company would be willing to give a discount.
  3. Be Creative.
    1. ​​​​If you’re moving, you need boxes. Don’t just go to the grocery store (although, they are a great resource), go to Walmart, try a warehouse, follow up with a couple you see moving into a house in your neighbourhood and ask if you can get all of their boxes. There are also several companies that offer moving boxes, such as Frog Box ( or Green Box Rental ( These boxes are eco-friendly and reusable and they’re also really, really strong.
    2. Look for help in all places. Maybe your rather strong teenage neighbour would like to make some extra money and could do some packing for you. Or, you know of another family who’s moving and you can help them on their moving day in exchange for their help on yours. You don’t necessarily need movers to get the job done, but they are nice to have if you can afford them.
  4. Remember Your Move Come Tax Time. Be sure to keep all of your receipts in case you can use them when you’re doing your taxes. It’s funny, because tax season happens every April and so many people move over the summer, so they tend to lose the paperwork. Don’t make that same mistake! The Canada Revenue Agency has a great website of moving expenses: (
  5. Keep a Budget. There are a lot of cost calculators for moving that will help you remember some of the more obscure items. Home Depot also has a moving calculator ( which will help you work out the number of boxes and supplies you’ll need. No matter what, keep a spreadsheet of your expenses so you have a visual on how much your move is going to cost you. When you’re closing a house, your cashflow is hard to keep track of and can cause some additional stress. 

We hope the above ideas will help you when it comes time to move.

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