Cheap Storage: How to Get a Real Deal

Posted on 2016-05-09 in Blog

Why are you looking for self-storage? It could be that you’ve had a relative pass and you need to move their “stuff” while you stage their house. It could be that you’re renovating. It could be that you want a place to park your car. It could be anything really. But no matter what, you’re actively looking for a place that is safe, secure and comfortable. None of our customers walk in and say “I’d really rather rent from a place that looks more run down or one that has no security”.

If you’re looking for “cheap” self-storage, here are some things to be aware of:

  1. You get what you pay for: If you’re comfortable with a no frills facility, then that’s just fine. But before you look for self-storage, write down a list of “must haves” and “nice to haves” just so you keep your goals in mind.
  2. There is a difference between a deal and cheap: Lots of facilities offer deals – and we should. Always pay attention to the fine print of the deal though because $1 for your first month sounds great, but if you need to stay for three months or put down a larger deposit, that could financially be stressful. There is a big difference between getting a deal and getting something “cheap”. “Cheap” usually means the facility is not investing in itself anymore and things start to get tired and rundown. That might be fine by you as long as the price is right – but again, do your homework and make sure you’re at least getting your basics.
  3.  Make sure the facility isn’t on its last legs: You’re storing your personal or business belongings at a facility. What would you do if it goes out of business? If you think your storage facility is struggling and “cheap” doesn’t even begin to describe the place, then you should at least check in once a month to know whether the place has changed hands or is being shut down. Either way, it affects you and your belongings

We get a lot of phone calls and the first question someone asks is “Are you cheap self-storage?”, to which we answer “Certainly not!”. We take pride in investing in our company every year and we do this so our facility looks clean and fresh, but also so that we can provide our customers with great security or a simplified payment system, or something else that makes their storage experience easier.

Our prices are posted right on our website because we don’t believe in hidden tricks or gimmicks. And when you see our prices and look at the services we provide, I think we can all agree, a Storage Solutions customer gets a good deal for the rate! That’s why we bristle when asked if we provide cheap self-storage, because “cheap” implies that it’s not very good.

At Storage Solutions, you get 24/7 access, drive up units, on-site security and of course, the support of our team. We pride ourselves in keeping our facility clean and secure and you’ll see our staff members doing “yard checks” physically around the facility and on our video footage. Our facility is well lit and secure at nighttime. Above all, we try to make our customers’ storage experience easy and comfortable. If there’s anything we can do to improve, don’t hesitate to reach out.