Self-Storage for Your Bicycle or Bikes

Posted on 2018-02-23 in Blog

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We have written about car storage and how Storage Solutions in Milton can help you – well, we’ve had a lot of demand to hear about bike or bicycle storage, so we thought we’d do a blog post on this topic.

Given our location, in Campbellville, Ontario, the western most part of Milton, Ontario, we are close to many mountain biking and road cycling opportunities. And for bicycle enthusiasts out there, chances are, you have specific bikes for your specific activities and they take up a lot of room in your home or garage.

The good news is that our 8x8 or 8x10 units are perfect for bicycle storage. If you typically ride as a team, you might consider renting a larger sized unit (8x20) for everyone to have a spot. With our drive-up units and 24/7 access, retrieving the bike is fast and easy and the most important part – our yard is secure and we put a lot of effort and investment into our security.

If you’re already sold of Storage Solutions being your self-storage spot for your bike or bicycle storage needs, please take a minute to read on to our tips and tricks on storing your bike.

What to do before your bike is in storage…

Pick a safe, dry location for your bike to be stored at (even if this isn’t at Storage Solutions in Milton!). Bicycles are easy to steal and typically are worth quite a bit, so security will be very important (just an fyi, our storage facility has video surveillance that actually works and on-site security – this is quite different from our competitors).

Before you put your expensive bikes into storage, check with your insurance company to make sure everything is still insured properly. This will mean taking a note of the model of bike, age, etc. and explaining the new location of the bike.

What to do while your bicycle is in storage…

When your bike is in storage, there are a few little tricks you can employ. The most important item to do is to clean your bike. Don’t put a mud-caked bike into storage, or worse, one that has been exposed to salt. Wipe the bike down properly, use manufacturer approved lubricant, and check the tires to make sure they are good. If any maintenance needs to be done, schedule it or do it before you close your storage unit – getting your stuff out of storage is never the time to begin tinkering.

Taking your bike out of storage…

Taking your bike(s) out of storage is easy – just strap them to your car and go! You should conduct a safety check of the bike to make sure everything is in working order, but if you’ve stored your bike properly, it will be as you left it.

Storage Solutions is always here to help you with your self-storage needs. Self-storage isn’t just for people who are moving – it’s a great, safe location for sports equipment, tools, seasonal items, and pretty much anything else you can think of. Storage Solutions is conveniently located just off Highway 401 in Campbellville, Milton, Ontario, minutes from Guelph, Cambridge, Milton and Rockwood. We offer drive-up units, 24/7 access, on-site security and a fully fenced and lit facility.

If you have any questions, we’re happy to find answers for you and we want you as a customer. Call us at 905-854-1008, email us at or come on in to 9200 Twiss Rd, Milton Ontario.

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