The Benefit of Small Self-Storage

Posted on 2016-11-17 in Blog

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Our smallest unit is an 8’x8’, which is in-between the conventional 5’x5’ and 10’x10’. When you’re moving a house or downsizing, it’s easy to see why you would need an 8’x20’ or an 8’x40’ unit, but we’ve always been curious about our “smaller” renters – what do they store? Why is a small storage unit worth it?

What can you store in a small storage unit? It turns out, you can store a lot of things. The favourite is to store seasonal items like winter tires or outdoor furniture and swap items in and out as you need them around the house.

The second favourite use of a smaller storage unit is to keep “over flow”, things that you don’t use daily or even weekly, but you don’t want to throw away because you’ll need them in a few months’ time. One example is a customer who is storing her grandparents’ furniture because they’ve moved into a retirement home and her own home is not yet ready but it’s much less expensive to store the furniture than to buy new furniture.

Another really interesting use is to set up shelves in the 8’x8’ storage unit and create a sort of “utility closet”. Tools, hardware, extra house supplies like air filters, light bulbs, etc., all need a place, but many people are using their basements these days, so they don’t have room for a large utility space.

What’s great about Storage Solutions is that our units are drive-up, so if you have heavy things that you need to store, there’s minimal moving and lifting for you. Our customers also have 24/7 access to their unit.

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