4 Tips to Declutter on a Dime

Posted on 2019-01-15 in Blog

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Happy New Year!

The holiday season is officially over and it’s time for a fresh start in 2019. 

If you now find yourself looking around your house thinking, “Where am I going to put all this stuff?”, it’s time to declutter. 

Did you know that the act of decluttering has many amazing benefits?

It gives you:

  • More space
  • A new outlook on the space you have
  • Organization and calmness
  • A clearer mental and emotional state

It’s easy to put off decluttering, as it can be a daunting, time consuming task. Many believe it’s also expensive with the need to purchase fancy home organization solutions, bins and baskets.  All of this combined sounds exhausting, right?

We’re here to tell you that decluttering can be easier than you think, and affordable too. What makes the biggest impact in a home (and for you individually) is the actual physical decluttering. This alone makes your home feel and be more organized.  When you declutter, you become more in control of your space and what’s in it.

Here are 4 tips to help you de-clutter on a dime:

  1. Go through your space room by room.
    • Start by making sure everything that belongs in that room is vital and put in its place.
    • Place items that don’t belong in the room or have their own place or are garbage or for goodwill in separate piles, using bags, baskets, bins or boxes (whatever you have handy) so that you can more easily deal with those items as needed.
    • When everything that has a home is in its place, it’s easier to see what items don’t belong, what’s missing and what items are making the room cluttered.
    • You can make decisions much easier and more confidently.
  1. Completely empty your drawers and closets individually.
    • These are two common places to shove things in to hide away, so that they don’t have to be dealt with and are out of sight.
    • Just because items are out of sight, doesn’t mean that they aren’t contributing to your cluttered home. You know they are there…or you’re forgetting some of the awesome stuff that you have…or you cannot remember where you put something that you need and now it’s buried in a closet. Out of sight is not always good.
    • It’s important to clear out one drawer or one area of a closet at a time so that you do not end up with a huge pile of your belongings in the middle of the room, making you feel overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated.
    • By working methodically through your space you will make steady progress and feel the benefits quicker.
  1. Consider picking up some inexpensive storage bins for drawers, shelves, and closets.
    • You don’t need to get specific bins or shelves for storage.
    • There are all kinds of drawer organizers and accessories designed to help you keep things organized that match your personal style, needs and budget.
    • Dollar and discount stores often have baskets, bins and containers that can be used to keep things more organized in your home, while keeping within a budget.
  1. Use a self-storage unit to make space.
    • After you’ve gone through your home and organized things, you may find that there are items that you can’t bear to part with that are causing clutter, like bins of clothing or toys that your children have outgrown, photos, books, collector items, keepsakes or trophies.
    • You may also find that you just need more room for your seasonal clothing and sports equipment.
    • These items can easily be stored at a self-storage facility, which commonly offer storage units ranging from the size of a small closet to a double car garage.
    • Renting a self-storage unit can be an affordable way to cut down on clutter and keep your space organized, while keeping those important items safe, secure and easy to access when you need or want them.

Despite our best intentions, clutter can happen to all of us. Whether you hide your clutter in closets with bursting doors, jam pack your garage with anything and everything but your car, or you just can’t seem to find an empty flat surface with all the piles of stuff and knick-knacks laying around your home, decluttering can help you start off 2019 in a more stress-free and organized environment. 

If you can’t seem to find the space to store your belongings at home, we here at Storage Solutions would love to store them for you. If you have questions about our storage unit rentals or would like a tour, call or email us

Your friend in self-storage,

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