’Tis the Season for Self-Storage

Posted on 2018-12-27 in Blog

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Take a deep breath. The last-minute rush of Christmas shopping, holiday parties, and impending family get-togethers is over, at least for the most part. New Years is right around the corner, so make sure you take a few moments to yourself to de-stress, especially if you’ve been busy hosting, travelling and spreading good cheer. 

This may be easier said than done.

Now that the gifts have been opened, you may have noticed that you have a lot more stuff in your home and may feel a little cramped for space, and the itch to do a little decluttering. But first you need to put the Christmas decorations away, which seem to grow exponentially each year because ornaments and Christmas décor are irresistible.

What you need is a post-Christmas plan to bring your home back to its pre-Christmas organized state.

It’s a good thing that Storage Solutions is here to help with some expert tips for storing your holiday decorations. All too often, Christmas decorations are accidentally damaged or lost in between the Christmas seasons. Ornaments holds memories, tell stories, pass along traditions and some are irreplaceable. Keeping them safe when they are not on display means you can enjoy them for years to come.

Try these helpful tips, which work well if you store your Christmas decorations at home or use self-storage:

  • If you have a fake tree, wrap it in it’s bag or box when storing. Don’t force the tree into it’s packaging. Take the time to remove the lights, arrange the branches carefully and make sure it’s properly stored to prevent damage.
  • Wrap your lights around old cereal boxes or large pop bottles to keep them tangle free.
  • For tangle-free bead garlands, store them in their own container, like a water bottle or jar.
  • Store delicate, fragile or precious keepsake ornaments in egg cartons or tissue paper.
  • Use newspaper in your bins or boxes to create cushioning for your tree ornaments and other precious décor. This provides extra protection and makes it safer to transport these, if you’re using self-storage to store your seasonal items.
  • If using self-storage, use easy-to-remove 3M hooks to hang your Christmas wreaths in your storage unit to prevent damage or warping. Bonus - your self-storage unit will always feel festive.
  • Be like Santa and keep lists!
    • Start maintaining a list of your Christmas décor and tape to the outside of your storage boxes and bins. This makes finding what you are looking for, unpacking, and re-packing decorations a breeze!
    • Keep a list of what was missing this past year (your own special ‘wish’ list) and what needs to be replaced. This helps you plan next year and prevents you from buying more than you need or forgetting something important.

And let’s not forget to talk about snow gear and equipment.  We haven’t had too much snow yet, but we’re sure it’s on its way!  Because it’s been relatively mild so far, you may not have retrieved your snow blower, snow shovels, snow mobiles, skis and snowboards yet from your self-storage unit. Now is the time to gather those items, so that you’re ready to go when the first huge blizzard of the New Year descends. In fact, some of our customers are already visiting us to swap their summer & fall stuff for their winter items. 

Before you come and collect your winter belongings, take a peak around your home and garage for any remaining summer and fall seasonal stuff (like outdoor furniture, lawn mower, BBQ, kiddie pool, planters and gardening tools, sports equipment, summer clothes or summer tires) that are still lingering around in your garage, mudroom, basement or laundry room. Moving these to self-storage will help you free up more space for the things that you need now, and for what’s to come in 2019.

It really is amazing how self-storage can help you prepare for all the changing seasons and holidays, plus give you the extra space you need throughout the year to help keep you organized and less stressed.

Have questions about seasonal self-storage or want to tour our facility? We’d love to hear from you.

Your friend in self-storage,

Storage Solutions