Get Ready for Fall with Self-Storage

Posted on 2018-09-18 in Blog

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We hope everyone’s September is off to an amazing start!

Now that new routines are starting to feel more familiar, kids are back at school, and things have settled down from all that summer fun, you may have noticed you’re a little cramped for space.

Typically, as soon as the cooler fall weather hits, our team here at Storage Solutions sees a surge in people moving their spring and summer stuff into self-storage. Why, you ask?

  • They no longer need or use the same things in the fall or winter that they did in the spring and summer. This stuff must go somewhere.
  • Folks tend to spend more time huddled up indoors in the fall and winter months. They need to reclaim their living spaces to avoid feeling disorganized or claustrophobic in their own home.
  • They are temporarily losing their outdoor living and storage spaces to cold, rainy, windy, icy and snowy weather conditions, which can be damaging to certain belongings if left unprotected outdoors.

So, what are people storing in a self-storage unit this fall?

  • Outdoor furniture & decor
  • Lawn mowers
  • Whipper-snippers
  • BBQs
  • Planters & gardening supplies
  • Tools
  • Kids play equipment and toys like slides, pools, water & sand tables, scooters, bikes, and wagons
  • Jet skis
  • Kayaks
  • Canoes
  • Lifejackets
  • Fishing equipment
  • Seasonal sporting equipment
  • Spring and summer clothing & outerwear
  • Christmas gifts… It’s true! Some folks have already started shopping and need a place to hide these gifts, so they remain a surprise come Christmas morning (which is only 98 days away…but who’s counting!)
  • The overflow from the house that has been going into the garage all year

Let’s talk a little more about the garage. While it’s an awesome extra space to have, it quickly becomes the dumping ground for what you no longer want or need in the house.  You may have had a garage sale this summer in hopes of making a little extra cash and space. We hope that it did the trick, but if not, and you still cannot park your car in your garage, consider using a self-storage unit to reclaim your garage, especially before winter. Wouldn’t it be nice to NOT spend your time and energy in the dark at 6am or 6pm digging it out, trying to defrost it when it’s a solid block of ice, or having to scrape off thick ice and snow?

Let’s not forget that businesses also benefit from self-storage this time of year:

  • Retail businesses are ramping up, ordering in seasonal inventory and taking advantage of volume discounts to ensure their stores are well-stocked.
  • Seasonal businesses, like trades and construction, start to slow down once the cold, ice and snow arrive. They have expensive tools, equipment and building materials and supplies on hand that need temporary storage.
  • Depending on a business’ year-end and their accounting and administrative processes, fall may be the time for organizing records and archive storage.

Not all businesses have enough storage space in their store, shop or office to meet their business storage needs. And storing these at home may not be an option. Renting a self-storage unit gives a business the space it needs for inventory storage, tool storage, construction storage, document storage, and more.

Still not sure about using self-storage, especially for a few months? We understand your hesitation. Three of the biggest worries people have when it comes to using self-storage are:

  1. You’re stuck with a contract
  2. It’s too expensive
  3. It’s not convenient

Here at Storage Solutions, we’re flexible. All our contracts are month-to-month, so you’re only paying for the self-storage that you need. Our facility is safe and secure, and open 24/7. Our units are drive-up, so you can easily and quickly move items into your storage unit, without the hassle of long hallways, stairs or elevators. And last, but certainly not least, our rates are reasonable. We even post them on our website so you’re not wasting your precious time calling for prices.  

This fall, if we can help you keep your home or business spacious and nice (and smelling like pumpkin spice), give us a call or send us an email.

Happy fall and happy storing…and sorry for bringing up winter so soon! 

Your friend in self-storage,

Storage Solutions