Tips on Limiting Humidity in Your Storage Unit

Posted on 2016-12-16 in Blog

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Your storage unit – in an ideal world, you are visiting your storage unit frequently, organizing and purging anything that isn’t of value, and making sure your belongings are clean and safe. However, we know that life can catch up with us and sometimes it might be a while before you can check on your unit. Because of this, we always recommend customers store their items when they are dry and clean!


Your storage unit is sealed, which is great because bugs and vermin cannot get in, but this means that you really need to think through what you are storing. Never store liquids. Never store your goods when they are wet. Make sure your belongings are spaced so that air can circulate. It’s that easy.


There are some tricks to lessen moisture in your storage unit if you are concerned (for example, you might not have a choice and might move some things in the rain):


  • Charcoal Bricks: These absorb water from the air – isn’t that amazing? Keep them in a container and switch them out once a month so that they keep working.
  • Desi Paks or Desiccant: This is the material that comes in vitamin pills, but you can buy them in much bigger bags. It’s like a large baking soda container, but it’s kept in a breathable bag so that the material can absorb humidity.
  • Cat Litter: Cat litter. This stuff is great. It’s perfect in the winter to help give your tires some traction and it is also a useful dehumidifier in an enclosed space. The bonus is that a lot of cat litters now have a “fresh” smell, so your unit also smells really clean. Tear open a bag and leave it and make sure to switch the bag or container every month.
  • Commercial Dehumidifying Products: Home Depot sells plenty of dehumidifying products. You should probably consider putting some in your basement as well because this is a naturally moist place in your home. These products are all similar to desiccant and baking soda in that they absorb and retain moisture.


The easiest way to avoid humidity issues in your storage unit is to make sure you only store dry belongings and to open your unit every now and then to get air flowing through your belongings. Since the storage units are completely sealed, you need to think through what you store and how, but if you do, you’ll be thrilled with Storage Solutions – we don’t have any vermin (and we mean any) and people are always remarking that their unit is even dust-free when they open it up. We’re a very clean self-storage option.


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